B2B Content Writer.

I Help enterprises and digital marketing agencies outsource their content creation, meet demand & reduce stress.

Dan Harmon - Copywriter
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What do I do?

I write B2B digital marketing content, helping large businesses and agencies alleviate the stresses of finding time to work on their content and meet demand.

Which Content Marketing Subjects Do I Specialize In?

I write B2B content on all digital marketing topics.

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Content Marketing

Helping your business audience the ins and outs of content marketing while highlighting how your services can help them grow.


Content to help your audience understadn the importance of SEO. From the latest Google updates to the basics of on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

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Social Media Marketing

Providing your audience with actionable insights into how they can grow and excel with social media.

Web Design

Content explaining how to design pages for conversions and follow web design best practices.

Why Hire a B2B Content Writer?

High Content Demand

Got an overwhelming pile of client and company content to produce in not enough time?

No Time For Content?

Mapped out a content strategy but no time to implement it? I know your pain.

Implementing A Strategy

Not sure whether to go ahead with your strategy, I can kickstart it for you.

Can’t Find A Reliable Freelancer?

Sick to death of working with unreliable freelancers on Upwork? Let's change that.

Remove the stress from content creation.

Outsource your content to an experienced B2B content writer who takes the time to learn your agency’s goals, strategy, and audience.