Best Beginner Surf Spots in Mexico

Mexico is firmly established as one of the best surf destinations on Earth. With tropical waters sunny skies, and more waves than you could ever hope for in one lifetime, Mex blends everything you need as a surfer. But what’s it like for beginners? In this article, we explore everything you need to know, from the best beginner surf spots in Mexico, tips for surfing in the country, and the best time of year. We have a lot to unpack, so let’s dive in. 

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Is Mexico Good for Beginners? 

Yes, Mexico has incredible waves for all abilities. In all the major surf towns, you’ll find the premier break that’s great for advanced surfers, then close by a more suitable beginner-friendly break. Because Mex’s coastline is so huge, there’s always a twist or turn in the coast, that dilutes the swell and provides something suitable for beginners. 

Beginner Surf BEach in Acapulco
A Perfect Beginner Set Up - Acapulco

Best Time of Year for Beginners 

You can surf as a beginner in Mexico at any time of year. In Southern Mexico, the main surfing season runs between April and October. However, as a beginner, you don’t need much in terms of swell or perfect conditions, so even outside of this season can be great! Between October and April, large swells are less frequent and lineups are emptier. In North Mexico, you’ll also fund many excellent beginner breaks!

Best Beginner Surf Spots in Mexico


Sayulita is one of the best beginner surfers in Mexico. A truly wonderful place to visit, offering, a variety of mellow user-friendly surf breaks. The town evokes all things Mexico, excellent food, music, nightlife, and a healthy digital nomad surf scene. The surrounding coastline is beautiful and there’s nowhere better in Mexico to hang out. You’ll find countless surf schools and hire shops throughout Sayulita, as well as some great surf camps. Check out my full guide to surfing in Sayulita for more info on the area. 

Sayulita Beach Mexico

Puerto Escondido 

While Puerto Escondido is famous for having one of the scariest and most powerful beach breaks on the planet, just around the corner lies a wicked beginner surf spot. La Carazillo is a left-hand reef break that breaks over deep water– long mellow, lefts peeling into a beautiful bay (watch the stairs–they’re exhausting).

On the other side of town, you’ve got another left– a point-break called La Punta, which on smaller days can also be a great spot to learn on the inside or progress into a “point break’ style lineup as an intermediate. If you pick the right places to stay and eat, Puerto is also one of the cheapest surf towns in Mexico. Check out my breakdown of the world’s cheapest surf destinations for more info! 


While Acapulco isn’t known for its world-class surf, and is much more famous for its 5-star beach resorts and shockingly high crime rates, in certain pockets of the city and surrounding coastline, you’ll find some safe-havens. Beaches with beginner-friendly waves and an ideal environment for a beginner surfer in Mexico.

Baja Mexico Beginner Surf Spot


If you’re planning on heading to Mexico from California on a weekend trip, Ensenada can be a fantastic option! Here you’ll find right-hand point breaks and beginner-friendly beaches all over the place! In town, there are a handful of surf schools and hire shops that give you everything you need for surfing. 

Cabo San Lucas 

Perched on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, (one of Mexico’s best surf destinations), is the fun beach town of Cabo! A wicked spot to hang out and soak up some Mexican surf culture, sip Cervezas, and get waves, no matter your ability. 

Final Words 

Mexico is one of the best surf destinations on Earth, whether you’re dipping your toe into surfing for the first time, or you’re a well-seasoned surf travel veteran, Mex has it all. As a beginner, you’ll struggle to find anywhere that mixes warmth, wave variety, and learn-to-surf infrastructure as well as Mexico.

Head to any of the top surf towns we’ve discussed today and you’ll be in an excellent position to learn and improve your surfing in Mexico. For more info, check out my full guide to surfing in Mexico, and as always, please fire away with any questions in the comments. 


Popular surf towns, Sayulita and Puerto Escondido are two of the best places to surf for beginners in Mexico. 

Yes, La Carazillo and La Punta are two great beginner surf spots in Puerto Escondido. 

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