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The Best Surf Schools in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is one of Costa Rica’s best surf towns! Situated in Costa Rica’s North West in Nicoya, Santa Teresa showcases beautiful white sand beaches, fun, forgiving waves, a relaxed vibe, heaps of cool hostels, and tropical weather year-round. Paradise. This combines to create one of the best beginner surf destinations in Costa Rica. 

Whether you’re looking to improve, follow up after your first few lessons, or want to embark on your first surf trip, Santa Teresa is a fantastic place to do it. There are some great places to get coaching, take your first lessons and improve your surfing, so without further ado, let’s get down to it; here are the best surf schools in Santa Teresa.

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The Best Surf Schools in Santa Teresa

Del Soul Surf School 

Del Soul Surf School is one of the best surf schools in Santa Teresa and has been well-established in the area for years. Del Soul offers both private and group lessons for all abilities! A group of experienced instructors and surfers help you get better at surfing and give you all the local knowledge you need to surf in Santa Teresa. You can also hire boards, rash vests, and leashes. Photo package are also available! 

Surf Simply

Surf Simply is one of the most well-known surf camps in the world, let alone in Costa Rica.  Offering weekly surf/stay packages, Surf Simply’s all-inclusive retreats are about helping you surf better. No matter what your ability, packages include video coaching, theory lessons, and personalized coaching. If you’re serious about learning to surf in Santa Teresa, you’ll be hard-pushed to find somewhere better than Surf Simply. 

Learn more about surfing in Santa Teresa or looking for one of the best surf camps in Costa Rica? Read the full guides… 

Nosara Surf Academy

Nosara Surf Academy is another one of the top surf schools in Santa Teresa. Nosara Surf Academy offers surf lessons and packages run by a team of experienced instructors who are certified by the International Surfing Association.

Privates, group lessons, surf camp packages, and surf tours help you get the best waves in the area, according to your ability. While not technically in Santa Teresa, Nosara is one of the best beginner surf destinations in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rican Beach

So you’ve had your first surf lesson; what’s next? My friends at House of Surf have developed a wicked online course that revisits everything you covered in your initial surf lessons and provides you with all the knowledge and info for progressing. Check out the Surfing Made Simple course here.

Lucero Surf Retreats

In the jungle overlooking Santa Teresa, Lucero is one of the best surf camps in Costa Rica and offers surf camp packages, including daily surf lessons, yoga, excellent food, meals, and beautiful accommodation. And as you’d expect from a top Costa Rican surf camp, the coaching is top-notch.

Lucero Surf Retreat coaches are qualified surf coaches and yoga instructors. For an immersive learn-to-surf and stay package in Santa Teresa at one of Costa Rica’s best surf camps, look no further. Interested in a surf camp package in Santa Teresa? Check out my full breakdown of the best surf camps in Costa Rica here. 

Blue Surf Sanctuary 

Blue Surf Sanctuary is a top surf camp in Costa Rica and one of the best places to stay. The luxury resort/camp has everything you need to get better at surfing, have an epic stay in ST, and genuinely make the most of your Costa Rican surf experience. 

Best Surf Camp Packages in Santa Teresa 

If you’re looking for an immersive surf camp package, Book Surf Camps are the authority in making all-inclusive surf trips easy to book online. If you want to take all the stress out of booking a camp and get all your accommodation, food, coaching, and transfers organized in a couple of clicks, check out the best surf camp packages in Costa Rica here. 

Final Thoughts 

Santa Teresa has no shortage of excellent surf schools that cater to all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn how to surf or an experienced surfer looking to improve your skills, these surf schools offer world-class instruction and personalised coaching in a beautiful and welcoming setting. With consistent waves, warm waters, and a vibrant surfing culture, Santa Teresa is the perfect place to take your surfing to the next level.

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