Content Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

 If there’s one aspect of digital marketing that will accelerate your digital marketing efforts to the next level, it’s your content. Content is the cornerstone of brand awareness and your chance to create something valuable and nurture long-term, high-quality customer relationships. 


But in 2023, standing out and creating content that ranks on Google, resonates with your audience, and positions your products as the number one solution to your audience’s problems is tricky and takes time, effort, and resources. 


If you’re new to content marketing, it’s hard to know where to start. Thankfully, I’ve stripped things down to make content marketing simple again. Whether you’re a small business looking to grow or a well-established agency looking to maximize your content marketing, here’s everything you need to know for excellent, high-performing content. 

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What Is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is online material that aims to help an audience learn, achieve or solve something. This can be a blog post, whitepaper, infographics, social media post, eBook, podcast, or video. Content is a superb way to help your audience build credibility, establish authority, and build awareness around your company. 

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing? 

There are endless benefits to a solid content marketing strategy, including educating your audience, building a long-term customer relationship, keeping your brand top of mind, generating leads, increasing conversion rates, and creating a community. 


However, an effective content marketing strategy requires much more than whipping up a few blog posts your audience might like. In 2023, you’ll need a data-driven, documented approach. While content creation benefits are well known, it is shocking to learn in a survey of 1500 business owners, only 57% had a documented strategy. So how should you tackle a content strategy? Here’s a step-by-step guide. 

How To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

Know Your Audience

Always start by knowing your ideal customers inside out. You may already know your perfect customer, but if you don’t, create a customer persona. Customer personas are fictional characters you can use to target when creating your content. Your personas should include everything about that person, the more detailed, the better. 


From their name, area, location, interests, hopes, dreams, and goals, this is all crucial information to create content they will love. It allows you to write with the language they use, touches on their emotions, and helps you generate topics and ideas they will find helpful. 

Understand Content Performance 

While many companies have content marketing strategies in place, most businesses don’t know how to measure their performance. If you don’t know how well you perform, how can you justify a content strategy to executives or kickstart one without knowing what it will bring to your company? 


To know if your content marketing is successful, establish some goals before you create it. Content success can be measured in several ways; some typical content goals include; impressions, clicks, conversions, and sales—anything bringing something to your business. What you choose to measure success by will depend on how new you are to content creation and what stage of the buyer’s journey the content is for. 

Consider The Buyers Journey 

Knowing where your customers are in the buyer’s journey is another critical stage. Typically your content will be part of your top funnel content. For instance, blog posts, videos, and infographics; the stuff you create to help your audience and bring traffic to your website. 


This content must be excellent, 10x style content, and feed seamlessly into your middle-of-the-funnel content. This is usually a digital download, educational resource, and loyalty reward club. This goes into the bottom of the funnel, where prospects have transformed from leads into customers. 


Bottom funnel content should be product demos, comparisons, and anything that aids a lead in making an informed buying decision. Your content strategy must consider how your audience will move along the buyer’s journey and which content you will create at each stage. 

Allocate Your Budget 

One huge barrier to content marketing many businesses face is allocating the funds required to create excellent content. Content success in 2023 takes effort and involves industry expert knowledge, professional writing talent, and designers; maybe you have these roles in the house, but sometimes you may need to outsource many tasks involved with content creation. 


You also need to find out what is required to create your content. From how long it takes, what staff are required, whether you need to bring out-of-house freelancers, and what it costs to produce content. This knowledge lets you streamline your content creation processes and justify returns and costs to decision-makers within your company. 

Do Your Research 

After understanding your audience, establishing a budget, and knowing what it takes for successful content relative to your business, it’s time to crack on with research. Research what your audience is searching for online so that you can produce excellent content ideas. 


Use the best SEO tools to help you find keywords and the informational content your audience is consuming closely related to your products. By using these tools and seeing what’s already ranking for each term, you’ll be able to see what’s performing well and valuable data such as search volume, cost-per-click, and competition. Your research for every content piece should include the following: 


  • Keywords
  • Keyword volume and competition 
  • Subject matter research 
  • Competition research 
  • Search intent research 
  • 10x skyscraper outlook 

Find An Expert Writer 

While you may have industry experts and copywriting talent on your team, a great content strategy often includes outsourcing at least a portion of your content.  An expert freelance writer helps free up your time and allows you and your team to work on other growth techniques.

Search Engine Optimization

With any type of content creation, SEO is an essential aspect and needs to be taken seriously. In 2023, it takes a lot to stand out on Google; after all, there are over 600 million blogs on the internet. So while no niche needs more content, the only way successfully create content is to adopt the skyscraper method. 

The skyscraper method is looking at everything that already exists on Google and creating a resource that includes all of that. And if you truly want to accelerate your content, you’ll need 10x type content–infinitely superior to anything else. 

Analyze & Refine 

Based on how your content performs, you can look at refining your creative processes and then understand the type of content your audience loves most. You’ll learn this from creating lots of content and using measures such as impressions, clicks, and conversions as success indicators. 

The Best Content Marketing Types

There are numerous types of content marketing, but your strategy will consist of your blog, social media accounts, and video-sharing platform, all pumping out quality content your audience loves. 

Blog Posts 

Your blog posts should be high quality, SEO optimized, highly informative, and written with CTAs on how your services will further help the topic, whether to achieve a goal or alleviate a problem. Your blog should be a vast SEO web of related content, including everything your audience will ever need to know on topics within your niche.


Video is the most effective type of content out there. Video is up to 12x more effective than other forms of content. Your business can utilize this by creating highly informative videos and putting a face to your business while simultaneously giving your audience insights into the inner workings of your business. Platforms such as Youtube can also be highly lucrative in adding a revenue stream to your company through their partner program. 


Infographics are excellent graphic pieces of content, perfect for embedding into your blog or sharing on socials. They can help create a better content experience and make it easy to re-purpose content. 

Social Media 

It’s no secret how crucial social media is in business growth. Still, your social media content should aim to point your audience to blog posts, give them super informative infographics, and entertain them with short, punchy videos. While the vast majority of your audience goes to social media to stay and consume content on their chosen platform, you can tease people with something more valuable by prompting them to head to your website to discover more and discover your products. 

The Best Content Marketing Tools

Many fantastic content marketing tools make your content creation life 100 times better. As a full-time content creator, I couldn’t live without these tools. Here’s my handpicked list of the best. 


A WordPress plugin that allows you to create epic designs on your website. Using pop-ups and design templates to increase conversions, convey professionalism, and generally create an awesome-looking website. Learn more about how Elementor can help here. 

Keywords Everywhere 

Keywords Everywhere is a keyword research tool that gives you insights into keyword search volume, cost per click, and competition. In addition, it provides long tail keywords and broad and related keywords, perfect for finding the best keywords for your content. 

Google Docs

I write everything on Google Docs, copy and paste it to the relative platforms, and send it to clients. Free, easy to use, and saves all your content online. An essential content marketing tool.  


Unless you have a specialist design team working on your content, no marketer can live without Canva. The online design tool makes it super easy to design anything! There is a free and paid version, giving you hundreds of design templates for content creation. Another essential.


As a professional copywriter, another tool I couldn’t live without is Grammarly. Grammarly helps me sharpen my writing, cut unnecessary words, and ensure all basic spelling and grammar are taken care of. 

Content Marketing - Final Words 

To be successful with content marketing, you need to focus time, effort, and resources on content creation, developing a robust strategy, implementing it, using the best tools, and outsourcing to a top freelance SEO writer. 


With so many methods of creating content and the various components within successful content marketing, it‘s tricky to know where to start. Thankfully I can help you write content and alleviate the stresses of creating consistent quality content. I specialize in B2B content for digital marketing agencies and can’t wait to learn more about your business.