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Your minimum viable life is the baseline (minimum standard of living you’re willing to get by on. This term generally refers to everyday life, but for now, we’ll use it for our surf trip. So ask yourself, what is the bare minimum I need to get by on this trip? 

I’d highly suggest living below your means. This means living on less than what you could actually afford. For instance, if you’ve saved $1000 for a trip, and you want to stay somewhere plush, with nice showers, have your own room, and be right on the beach, then you might get a few days of accommodation for your buck. 

But if you can shift your mindset to “Actually, I’m happy to camp a few nights or even the entire time, eat at local restaurants, and basically lower my lifestyle”, this can lead to being away for longer, and getting more waves! It’s about getting your priorities in order, and for me, that’s always to get as many waves as possible, for as little money as I can.

I’m not saying this is always pleasant and it certainly isn’t glamorous, but if you’re serious about getting waves on a shoestring, this is the mindset you should adopt. 


Minimum Viable Life: 

Feral – Sleeping on the beach, in cars, cooking basic food, living off the land, walking  

Budget – Camping, hostels, cooking your own food, buses 

Mid-range – Budget private rooms, high-end hostels, cooking your own food with the occasional meal out, hire car.   

Lux – Surf camps, villas, surf packages, hire car, eating at restaurants, surf trip extras (Photographers, massages, drinking). 

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