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One of the ways I’ve revolutionized how I travel and how much I travel is by being able to work online. Before I discovered how to work online, I did every job under the sun to pay for my travels, from the typical surf jobs classics like surf coaching and waiting tables to farmwork and laboring, I’ve done it all. 

And while those jobs are great, they don’t even come close to any online job. I was desperate to work online, but I had no idea how to start or the qualifications that would allow me to do so. So after trawling the internet for hours and hours, I came across online English tutoring and a company called Cambly. 

Cambly is an online English tutoring platform, that lets you chat with and help students from around the world! The best part? You don’t need any qualifications and/or experience. I couldn’t believe my luck and made an account straight away. They pay works out around $8.00usd per hour, and you can essentially choose your own hours. Not amazing pay, but a few hours of teaching per day, can go a hell of a long way in somewhere like Indonesia!   

For more info on how Cambly works, check out my full video breakdown, or sign up here. (Stay tuned for more content on teaching English for surf travel).

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