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Where you stay is going to be your second biggest, if not biggest, surf trip expense, and how much you spend will well, depend on how feral you’re willing to go. Are you prepared to sleep in a car and sleep in car parks? Or are you more of a hotel kinda person? 

I’ve done my fair share of car camping and beach sleeping over the years, but to be honest, it always leaves you feeling tired and you don’t enjoy the trip as much, so I always find the best budget balance is staying in a hostel. 

Hostels are shared dorms, with communal spaces and shared amenities, full of other people who are traveling like you. Nowadays, there are countless hostels in all major surf towns and you can find a bed in the cheapest ones for less than $10.

There are also slightly more upmarket spins on the hostel (such as Selina) costing around $20 per night. They are cheap, a great place to meet people, and can actually be pretty nice, you’ve just gotta find the good ones! 

I always use Hosteworld to look for the best hostels as well as While Hostelworld is better for hostels, you can sometimes find cheaper deals on and even find privates for around the same price as a dorm on So load up both in separate tabs, search your location, and compare the two… 

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  • Discover surf accommodation on Hostelworld and 
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