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I know, I know, insurance is super boring, and I totally agree, it is. However, having solid insurance coverage is essential for all surf trips, no matter what your budget and where you’re going. For short trips and strike missions, insurance cover for surfing is pretty affordable and you can pay it just before you leave (make sure you remember). 

For longer trips, insurance comes at a greater expense and can be an annoying additional cost on top of your trip. But much better than forking out tens and thousands of dollars on medical bills. And the longer you travel and the more you surf, the more likely things can go wrong. Now I’m not manifesting ill health or bad energy, but if you travel as much as I do, you’ll know firsthand how many things can go wrong on trips. Injuries, lost/stolen equipment, natural disasters, delayed and /or lost baggage, the list goes on. 

There are many insurance providers that cover surfing and I’ve used my fair share of them. But if you plan to travel and surf on the road full time, which after this, I hope you do, you’ll need a policy that allows you to renew and extend your cover while on the road. I’ve found World Nomads the best at accommodating this–allowing you to extend your policy even when you’re overseas (many companies don’t allow this). 

Please note, if you purchase cover through my unique links, I’ll throw you a 50% off voucher for my upcoming book LAST. All you need to do is show me your booking reference number and I’ll email you the voucher to be used at checkout. While I do use World Nomads myself, I am affiliated with the company which means I receive a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you. 



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