Digital Marketing For Small Businesses | 4 Types of Marketing You Should Start Doing Right Now

Did you know that in 2021, you can’t run a business without digital marketing? 

Well, that’s not entirely true. You can, but it will suck.


With little to no digital marketing, you’ll miss out on thousands of dollars worth of income potential…


With an estimated 2.14 billion people regularly purchasing goods online and 63% of all shopping occasions begin on the web, you can already see the major earning potential.


However, if you don’t particularly like computers, hate social media, resent writing emails or don’t know the first thing about online marketing, then it leaves you pretty stuck. 


Left behind even. 


A feeling that even attempting any online-based marketing is pointless, let alone actually generating revenue from it.


But fear not, in this post were going to discover the ins and outs of digital marketing for small businesses and what different types of online marketing you can start using right now… 

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What is Digital Marketing?

So what actually is digital marketing? 


Short answer – Digital marketing is an area of marketing that utilizes both internet and online-based technologies, to promote businesses products or services. 


Basically, you’re using a combination of digital channels, to get traffic through your website, and turn them into customers.  


This can be through; Web content, social media, emails, SEO and even paid ads.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses?

The importance of digital marketing for your small business has never been more important than in 2021. 


This is because the potential for getting people to your website is endless. 

Having all these different avenues to channel your marketing is super powerful, it keeps your business in the loop and allows you to compete with your competitors. 


Did you know that having a blog on your website can increase your chances of ranking on search engines by 434% (according to Blue 

If your business ranks at the top of Google, for a high value, high volume keyword – you could bring in thousands upon thousands of visitors to your site. 


Just imagine, if just 1-2 % of these people converted into customers. 

With stats like this, the importance of digital marketing is very hard to ignore… 

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Small Business?

More traffic and more customers. That’s the bottom line. 


Perhaps the main and only important benefit of doing any digital marketing is getting more customers. 


Otherwise, what’s the point? 


However, I think a great way of looking at digital marketing is creating a huge online ‘web’ of content and avenues through which you can sell your products and services. 


The bigger this web, the more traffic you get and the more you increase your chances of turning those visitors into customers. 

What Types of Digital Marketing Should You Be Using?

Lets’ take a look at some of the top digital marketing avenues, you should be using right now… In my opinion, these are the 4 main types of marketing most effective for small businesses.

Content Marketing

In short, content marketing or content creation is simply the online material you put out. 


For example; blog posts, web pages, videos, photos and social posts. 


This should always be done with the intent to promote or sell your products or services.


Content has slightly different purposes whether it be to get traffic get subscribers and eventually turn them into customers. 


For example, you could be posting on social media every day to build rapport and engagement with your customers. 


As well as this you could be creating blog posts, that help your audiences while at the same time gives you another place to market your products/services and is great for your SEO. (more on this later). 

Social Media Marketing

In 2021 and into the future, social media marketing is becoming increasingly important. 


With Instagram having over 1 billion users right now, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are using social media marketers and influencers to promote their products. 


The reach you can get on social media platforms is literally infinite… 


You should be posting daily content to your social pages, through photos, promoting blog posts and even stories and videos. All of which should not only provide value for your customers but be done with the intent to sell or promote your services.


Search Engine Optimization. 

This is the practice of creating and then optimizing your content specifically for search engines.

The power of ranking a web page on Google is massive for your business. 

For example, if a keyword pulls in a search volume of say, 10,000 searches per month, and you then rank at the top of a search page for that term, position #1 receives 30% of that traffic on average.  

Just imagine if only 1-2 % of those people converted into customers when visiting your site, you’re generating revenue, simply by creating ad optimizing your content for Google. 

If you’re a local business you also need to make sure your website and business are optimized according to local SEO. Find out more here…

Email Marketing

Although email marketing has been around for years, and a lot longer when compared to Social media and SEO. 


This type of marketing is still extremely effective. 


By creating a regular stream of emails as part of a ‘sales funnel’, you are marketing directly into your customer’s inbox. 


These emails should be delivering a tonne of value to the people on your list.


This can be through pointing people to blog posts and giving away free products, both online and physical.

Paid Ads

According to Facebook’s advertising statistics, over 2.18 billion people can be reached through ads. 


Yep, Woah! 


Facebook also boasts the highest CTR (click-through rate) for ads, over all the other social platforms out there. 


If you set up ads on Facebook, that are specifically targeted to your target market, your ads can end up paying for themselves while bringing in enough customers to make it a no brainer. 


When done in the right way, the more you spend on ads, the more customers you get…

Summary of Small Business Digital Marketing

So there are 4 types of digital marketing you can use and get started with digital marketing for your small business. 


To summarize;

By consistently delivering value to your customers, you evoke reciprocity. (Which is one of the six pillars of persuasion) that makes customers feel like they want to give back to you. 


For example, if you provide a free ebook or service or show someone an awesome blog post, customers are a lot more likely to purchase after they’ve already received that much value. 


By doing this across all types of digital marketing, you’ll be on track for getting some incredible results from your marketing. 

Small Business Digital Marketing PDF (Coming Soon)

Yes! In fact, digital marketing as a small business is essential. With the infinite potential to drive as much traffic as you wish to your website, you simply can’t afford NOT to have digital marketing.

All types of content creation can be great for small businesses, especially when done in the right way. For example, SEO blog posts, social media posts and having an email list are great areas to get started…

If you want to do all your marketing yourself, clearly it’s free! However, using digital marketing effectively is time-consuming and needs to be done correctly. So hiring a professional digital marketer would be more cost-effective. The exact price will depend on what you want a digital marketer to do.

Growing a business digitally is all about expanding your digital footprint over the web. 


For example, creating great content optimized for SEO, using engaging social media posts as well as utilizing email lists and spreading your content in as many different places as possible.