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The Struggles of Creating Digital Marketing Content

Whether it's for your own digital marketing efforts or for clients, there are plenty of struggles involved with creating awesome digital marketing content.

Building a website page

No Time?

As a digital marketing agency, most of your time is spent creating awesome content for clients, which means your own content is often neglected. Not to mention finding the staff to complete it, tight budgets and 101 other things to tackle. As a digital marketing writer, I help alleviate these stresses.

Desperate to Outsource?

It’s hard to direct the time and resources necessary to succeed with content In 2023. The sort of content that ranks on Google educates a B2B audience on digital marketing and moves them to action is tricky to create. Thankfully, you can outsource it.

Can’t Find Digital Marketing Expertise?

If you’re struggling to find a freelance copywriter with digital marketing expertise, you won’t want to outsource it. Excellent digital marketing copy requires extensive knowledge of SEO, design, copywriting, email sequencing, social media and all the major digital marketing aspects.

Sick of Unreliable Freelancers?

If you’re sick and tired of unreliable freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork and think your time could be better spent collaborating to make excellent content than reading 250+ cover letters, let’s stop that. Let’s create a long-term relationship, working together to create consistent, high-quality blog content for months and years to come.

Types of Digital Marketing Copy

Client Testimonials

We hired Dan as our copywriter to create some blog content to help our business. We run a surf school In, and Dan's posts helped our audience learn valuable information about the ocean and surfing techniques.
House of Surf
Dan both created our website and first blog post. We will certainly be hiring him again to create some more blog content. A super professional copywriting service 🙂
Dan helped us create a new website for our new family-run business and created some ‘destination guides’ in the form of blog posts for our property management site. Super easy to work with and very knowledgeable in SEO.
Crozier & Son

Digital Marketing Topics


A huge component of digital marketing and one I help your business audience understand through super informative blog content. From local SEO and the technical aspects to the latest Google updates, I help you become an authority in digital marketing.

Social Media

An integral part of any business’s digital marketing in 2023. But with so many platforms and ingredients going into effective social content, it’s tricky for companies to do well. Help your clients understand and succeed with social media marketing and get excellent articles on aligning your audience with the right socials, the type of content to create and how to grow with social media.

Copywriting that gets likes and comments

Content Creation & Blogging

If you want to help a client develop an effective content strategy, I have content strategy experience. I can help you and your clients grow with great content ideas and align a content plan with your business goals and audience. If you’re interested in content marketing strategy services, please contact me below.

Web Design

Basic but critical. A website is a digital marketing cornerstone and is the first place audiences see a business. It shows what a business offers, how they do it and if conversion optimized, facilitates conversions and sales, and can be a tremendous digital asset. I help small businesses create amazing websites optimized for search engines and conversions.

Building a website page

Email Marketing

Old but gold. Email marketing holds the title for the highest ROI in all of digital marketing and, even in 2023, must be taken seriously. I create content showing business owners how to write effective email sequences, segment their audience and craft that perfect sales email.

As a professional digital marketing writer, I work with Business Owners & Digital Marketing Agencies to create informative content, helping your audience grow and scale.

My Digital Marketing Writer - Examples

The Creative Process

generating content ideas infographic


Firstly, I’ll need to understand what your agency/business is about. From what you do, your audience and content strategy. This tells me if: 


  • 1. My skills are the right fit and 
  • 2. Develop content ideas and copy which aligns with your audience and goals.


Based on our initial meeting, I then start on your content. Whether you’re trusting me with your weekly blog content you want to outsource or copy for a client that’s taking too much of your time, this is where I get stuck and smash out your article.

Black & White Infographic of content creation


After writing, I send back your piece for approval. This is your opportunity to check that it aligns perfectly with your goals and audience before publishing. This will (fingers crossed) pave the way for our long-term relationship.

My Digital Marketing Experience

Over the past four years, I’ve created B2C and B2B digital marketing content. For my businesses and clients. I now work with companies and digital marketing agencies worldwide to create digital marketing articles on topics such as SEO, content creation, copywriting, conversion optimization, lead generation, design and more.

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