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7 Easy Online Jobs (That You Don’t Need Any Experience For) In 2021

Want to work online, but have no idea where to start?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. 


In this post were going to check out 7 relatively easy online jobs you can start doing right now….

How Can I Work Online With No Experience?

In this incredible digital age we live in, there is infinite potential for online work. 


However, because there are so many different opportunities it can be difficult to know where to start.  


There is a tonne of skills in demand right now, for example; Copywriting, Web Design and Programming. 


However, these are all skills that take time to develop and get good at. Obviously, this is what you want to be working towards down the track! 


But for now, it’s a great idea to think about jobs that can be done with little to no skill involved to get the ball rolling.

The Best Easy Online Jobs

Teach English Online

This was my first ever online job and if you’re a native English speaker, it should be yours too! 


Platforms such as Cambly allow people to sign up and tutor English to students from all over the world.


They also don’t require any qualifications or previous experience. 


Tutoring English is a great way to kickstart your remote work career and has room for progression. You can eventually become TEFL qualified, work for more companies and receive higher rates. 


Learn more about teaching English online.

Tip – I got started tutoring online with a company called Cambly. You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience. Check out the full post of how Cambly works if you want to find out more.


Speak two languages? 


Translation is a super easy online job if you can already speak two languages. 


If you don’t, you might struggle, but who says you can’t learn?


Many documents and texts often need to be translated into different languages through writing or recordings. In addition, there are also opportunities to translate for individual people!

Virtual Assistant

With so many online businesses and start-ups happening across the globe, a new type of job has been created… 

And that is lending a digital hand through becoming a virtual assistant. 


This job means you’ll help a business owner, schedule meetings, respond to emails and even manage social media accounts. 


These jobs often don’t require specific skills other than being well organized and a great communicator.


Did you know you can make a living from changing audio into a text format?


I know, amazing right?


This is known as transcription and is an extremely valuable skill due to the sheer amount of different content types that are uploaded to the web. 

Although this one requires you to be a great listener and have excellent typing skills, it’s entirely possible to become a transcriptionist with no previous experience!

Surveys & Research

There are many companies out there that offer paid research and surveys in exchange for rewards and in some cases, actual money. 


Check out Swagbucks to get started.  


While this job might not be a super reliable source of income, now and again you’ll get the chance to earn cash for doing, well… not a lot really. 


And who doesn’t like a bit of money for nothing every now and again?

Customer Service

All companies that operate online need customer service. 


While applying for such jobs doesn’t require much experience, you’ll have to learn communication skills, the company’s ethos and the topic with which you’re helping people. 

Whether it be through phone calls, email or chat – customer service jobs are great for beginners to get started online.  

Start a Blog

While it might not pay you money right away, starting a blog is a great way to set yourself up and earn passive income in the future. 


If you learn how to write informative, compelling blog posts as well as optimising them for Google, you can earn money through; affiliates, sell your own online products and even generate ad revenue. 


Think what you’re good at – and start a blog about it. 


It’s super easy nowadays to create a simple blog site using WordPress. 


All you need is a domain name from somewhere like Godaddy and some web hosting from a place like Hostinger. 


For a relatively low investment of $100-200 you’ll be learning a tonne about writing, SEO and web design that can eventually lead to very lucrative high paying jobs.

Summary - Easy Online Jobs

So there we have it. 


7 easy online jobs that you can apply for ad get started with right away. 

Despite all the jobs mentioned in this post, I think it is more beneficial to focus your valuable time and energy on developing more important and higher-paying skills rather than going all-in with one of these jobs. 


Learning skills like; Copywriting, SEO, Web Design., Programming and Marketing is going to set you up for being a formidable online force and provide you with opportunities all over the place! 


While these easy jobs are great to get started, the best way to make a living online is by learning and developing high demand skills in 2021. 


Happy learning and happy earning. 

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