How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

So.. you need a website? 

If you’re reading this and are still wondering if you need one, then I’m here to tell you that you do. 

I mean, c’mon it’s 2022. 

A website is your digital platform in which people can find you, interact with you, and most importantly buy from you. 

However, a site doesn’t come without costs and if you’re a small business trying to build, spending a few thousand dollars on your website is not an option. 

So let’s break it down and see what costs you need to cover (the essentials) as well as compare what a DIY website can cost with a professionally built one. 

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    Basic Website Costs

    The following are costs you NEED to have with any website.

    It doesn’t matter what you’re building or how you’re doing it, these things that keep your site on the internet and working, fast and secure.


    Your domain is the name of your website. 

    Think very carefully about what domain name you want as this cannot be changed later on. 

    Head to GoDaddy to purchase your domain name. 

    Cost = $20-50 for most domains. 


    Your Hosting is what keeps your website on the internet and is essential.

    There are many different types of Hosting and you don’t need to get into details of them right now. You just need some basic shared web hosting to get started.  

    The price you pay for hosting can vary massively and the more you pay, the more benefits you get. This can include daily backups, the amount of data on your site, different functionality, and having multiple websites live. 

    Check out Hostinger for some affordable hosting to get up and running. 

    Tip – Your domain name from GoDaddy needs to ‘point’ to the nameservers on Hostinger, which sounds super complicated, but check out this article, which breaks it down step by step.  

    Cost $100-200 Annually 

    Tip – You can purchase Hostinger’s most basic plan for $3.49 per month or just under $50 for the whole year.

    CMS (Content Management System)

    This is where you’ll control your website. 

    WordPress is the most typical CMS and also the best. 

    You may have heard of platforms such as Squarespace and WIX, which do make it super easy to build websites on, however, you don’t own your content on these platforms, and the freedom you have in creating a site exactly how you want is severely limited.

    From the WordPress dashboard, you’ll be able to choose templates, create pages, write copy, post blogs, and run your entire site. 

    Cost = FREE 

    Tip – You will have to install WordPress onto your Hostinger (Hosting Panel). You can check out how to do this here. 


    Your SSL certificate keeps your site safe and secure. 

    You know that little lock next to a URL when you click on a site? 

    That’s your SSL. 

    Most Hosting plans throw this in as part of your plan and it’s crucial if you want to run a fast, safe website that people will trust.


    This is where websites can become costly. 

    In short – The more functionality you want (e.g. design software and payment processing) the more expensive it will be. 

    This will depend entirely on your needs. 

    For example, if you want an ECommerce store that can accept payments, you’re going to need programs such as Stripe, SendOwl, or WOOcommerce Pro. These can be added as plugins. (Find out more about Plugins and what they do here). 

    As for better design software, check out Elementor. This will give you a tonne of freedom in creating your site. 

    As you get more into building your site and improving your skills, you might become a bit of  a nerd (if you’re anything like me) and start wanting all the cool software gimmicks. 

    Things such as tables of contents, video embeds, media carousels, forms, and anything that makes your site epic. 

    You’ll also have access to some amazing templates and blocks which you can drag and drop onto your page. 

    You can grab Elementor Pro here, which for a single site costs $49 annually. (I use this software when building sites for clients). 

    Costs = Anywhere between $50 and $1500.

    DIY Vs Professional

    You’ve got to weigh up whether it’s worth your time learning and building your own site or paying to have it professionally built. 

    Both have pros and cons….



    How Much Does A Website Cost Per Month?

    This will depend on the exact customization and functionality you want on your site, but to simplify, for a basic site: 

    Hosting = $5 per month (basic shared hosting on Hostinger) 

    Domain = Billed Annually (let’s say your domain cost $50, so divided that by 12, and you’re left with just over $4 a month for your domain) 

    SSL = Free with hosting 

    Elementor Pro = $50 annually (so lets say $4 per month again) 

    Total =  $14 per month

    Website Costs - Summary

    So there we have it. 

    A super basic outline of what it costs to build a website. 

    I hope this inspires you to get started on your site, safe in the knowledge you can get it up and running for less than $15 per month. 

    You’ll learn some invaluable knowledge in the process. 

    If it all gets too much and you’re stressing, please don’t be afraid to reach out. 

    I’d love to help!