How To Write Website Copy For Landing Pages (What You NEED To Include) In 2022

So you’re looking to craft that perfect website copy? Perhaps you’ve even gotten stuck into writing pages and even had success? If you’re truly serious about click-through and conversion rates throughout your website, there are some essentials you can’t afford to miss.


These essentials mean you’ll speak to your audience. Speak to them on an emotional level that moves them to action. Whether it’s a landing page for a product/service or a promotion you’re running, the factors we will discover today will help you hit your audience in a way you never thought possible.

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How To Write Website Copy For Landing Pages 

Use CTAs

A landing page without a clear and easy-to-click call to action is useless. If there’s nowhere for a user to click to buy your product or sign up for your newsletter, why have it there? 

You should have a clear call to action spread through the page. You’ll need to make the copy on these CTA buttons appealing, going further than a plain old “find out more” or “buy now” button. Instead, you could use something like “Explore Now” or “Discover Your Dream Website”. 


There’s also some debate on using different CTA’s throughout a page. However, you need to be careful here as too many different CTAS can be distracting and take the user away from what you w at them to do. Instead, you can use multiple different CTAs, all prompting the same action, just worded differently to keep interest. 


Another factor worth considering when writing website copy for your landing page is to place the CTA buttons after an influential section of the page. For example, this could be directly below a powerful customer testimonial. With an average general CTA click-through rate of 4.23%, you need to do everything you can to optimize your CTAs. 

“Above The Fold” Attention

For any landing page, it is crucial to create attention and make it extremely clear what your page is about to your audience. 


Above the fold is a digital marketing term derived from a technique used by newspapers to create attention-grabbing headlines. Editors would place important information above where the paper was folded in the newsstand. This same technique should apply to the very top section of your webpage. 


This is “prime real estate,” and you should use it wisely. Craft a hard-hitting, scroll-stopping headline that clarifies what you offer alongside a subheading that states what you can do for that user – how you can change their lives for the better. 


Another technique up for debate in the above-the-fold section is removing navigation to eliminate distraction and make it easier for the user to convert than click off the page. Although a little ‘spammy,’ removing navigation can significantly improve your conversion rate. This A/B testing report stated it could increase the conversion rate by 100%. Yep, wow.

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Evoke Emotions 

Successful copy needs to move your audience emotionally. This is where deep customer research and a great understanding of your perfect customer come in. You can use this persona to write copy that touches on their deepest emotions and moves them to action. 

When crafting landing page copy, try and use words that evoke emotions:


• Greatest fears 

• Biggest goals 

• Their dreams 

• Solve a problem 

• Position them as a hero in your story 


If writing isn’t your strong point, you can hire a copywriter to do it for you. But if you’re writing yourself, try searching for words that best resonate with your audience/customer persona, and before you type, list your personas, hopes, dreams, goals, and pain points. 


Pro Tip – Whenever I create a landing page for my site or clients, I write out how I will structure the page with dedicated sections indicating these pain points and transformation points. 

Speak In The Language Of Your Audience 

Always use the wording and tone that your audience uses. Your customer person is going to help you achieve this. You will want to use language that conveys trust and reliability in your brand while simultaneously speaking to your audience and hitting pain points and goals. 


On the other hand, if you sell running shoes, you will use a slightly less professional tone. Still, you show your business has authority on the subject through science-backed case studies on how running shoes help you run better, as well as showing how your particular shows are different from the competition and show the customer how they can become better at running and achieve their goals through buying your shoes.


The 6 Pillars Of Persuasion 

There are six pillars of persuasion for any page on which you sell a product. These pillars mean you include all of the physiological factors necessary to increase your chances of success and a high conversion rate. The six pillars are: 


• Authority 

• Reciprocity 

• Social proof 

• Consistency 

• Likeability 

• Scarcity 


Authority is using words that show you have credibility and superb knowledge of a subject or niche. Do this well, and position your business as the go-to place for niche-specific information or become synonymous with a particular product or service. This is the holy grail. 


Reciprocity is the feeling of receiving something and the need to give back. In marketing, this can be when you give away a free PDF or Ebook, for example, and make the customer feel like they need to buy from you.


Social proof uses testimonials, reviews, and case studies to show how your product/service has helped others. This is incredibly powerful and essential to any landing page worth it’s salt. 


Consistency sets a high standard for anything you put out, meaning your wider audience will start associating your brand with this quality. At the same time, likeability is creating the type of content and interacting with your customers on a personal individual level to make them like you. No one wants to deal with a large company where they feel like they are simply customers 5,601. 


Scarcity is another super important consideration when writing for any landing page. This means setting a time limit to the offer or service, whether it be an online course, limited-time offer, or promotion available. This significantly affects conversions, and if there is limited availability of something, it moves your audience to action. Very powerful. 



I hope this has helped you discover just how much can go into a successful landing page, and I cant wait to see how these considerations have helped you boost conversions and increase your sales. To recap, here are those considerations again: 


• Use fantastic CTAs

• Think “above the fold.” 

• Touch your audience’s emotion 

• Use the right language 

• Utilize the six pillars of persuasion


If you need help crafting the perfect landing page or getting your words down into web copy, please get in touch today.