Online Surf Coaching

By Dan Harmon

Stuck in a Rut With Your Surfing? 

Let’s Change That.

I Want to Improve Your Surfing.

Using specific surf coaching software, I break down your surfing, with voice-over commentary, split-screen comparison, and on-screen video annotation. 


A halt in progression happens to all of us, but one of the best ways to get over the slump is through video analysis.

Specific turns...

Struggling to do a specific turn? Have it broken down and explained in detail.

No footage?

We don't all have videos of ourselves surfing, but don't stress. I can break down turns you're struggling with using stock footage.


Without direction, it's near impossible to improve. I give you clear, actionable tips ready for your next surf...

Why Get Online Surf Coaching From Me??

While most of you know me as the surf travel guy on YouTube, before I started traveling so rigorously, I coached beginners and intermediates for six years at home in the UK. Between travels, I’ve worked as a surf coach in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. I want to share this knowledge with you via on-demand online surf lessons. 

What do packages Include?

Do I Need Coaching? 

I’m a huge believer in the better you surf, the more fun you can have. So if you want to unlock more of your surfing potential, online surf coaching is for you! 

How Does It Work?

Video Coaching Benefits


I use Pactto software to analyze your surf clips, allowing me to annotate and compare your surfing with other clips. With your video clips side by side with professional surfers, you'll see exactly what you need to change.

Knowledge Base

Sometimes, just having something clearly explained to you can change your entire perspective on a particular turn. I can't wait to share my surfing knowledge 🙂

Video Coaching in Action

Don’t have clips?

Getting someone to film you surf is tricky! If you don’t have clips, I can breakdown specific maneuvers for you, using my library of stock footage. 

Detailed Breakdowns.

I want to help you understand, how turns work and the specific body positions you need to reach that level. 

Ready to Improve Your Surfing Online? 

Payment Summary

1 X Online Coaching Package $79.00



Not Stoked?

Not happy with the coaching? While I’m 100% confident my coaching will help you improve your surfing, if you’re not stoked on it, I will give you a refund no questions asked. 

The price point is based on years worth of surf knowledge packaged into super concise video breakdowns. 

After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to a “thank you page”. From here, click the button to upload your clips to DropBox! As soon as I see your clips, I’ll get stuck into analysing them. I then email you with your analysed clips (with annotation, comparisons, and commentary).