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The Struggles of Social Media Content

The importance of social media for business in 2023 is clear, but writing content for the various platforms is an arduous, time-consuming task…

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No time?

We all know how vital social media is for growth in 2023, but focusing the time and effort required to do it effectively isn’t always possible. After all, you have a business to run, right? By outsourcing your social copy to an experienced social media content writer, you can free up your time, safe in the knowledge you’re still getting epic copy. 

Hate social media?

If you’re not a social media person, the motivation and passion necessary to succeed with social content. And no one wants to spend precious time doing something they hate, right? However, this lack of passion will come through in everything you post on your socials. Let’s change that. 

Can’t think of compelling captions?

With such an endless volume of content, standing out above the noise is tricky in ‘23. There’s just so much of it! And with ever-decreasing attention spans, making your business stand out requires amazing visuals, such as high-quality images and infographics, and concise, well-written copy appropriate to the platform and audience.


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Why Hire a Social Media Copywriter?

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Concise, compelling captions

ttention spans are short right now, and anything you write on social media needs to entertain and inform–grabbing the reader’s attention, stop them from scrolling, and if you’re really good, tease the reader into wanting more. I.e., clicking through to your website and converting. 

Move your audience to action

While most people go to social media to consume content on that platform, your end goal for social posting should be to get your audience excited and wanting more, enough so they click to your website, sign up, or better still, buy a product or make a reservation.

Increase reach and engagement

Social media is a huge opportunity to expand your audience and increase customer engagement. There’s just such a huge user base! Essentially you can reach an infinite number of people, many of which would love to buy your products.

Social Media Writing - Testimonials

We hired Dan as our copywriter to create some blog content to help our business. We run a surf school In, and Dan's posts helped our audience learn valuable information about the ocean and surfing techniques.
House of Surf
Dan both created our website and first blog post. We will certainly be hiring him again to create some more blog content. A super professional copywriting service 🙂
Dan helped us create a new website for our new family-run business and created some ‘destination guides’ in the form of blog posts for our property management site. Super easy to work with and very knowledgeable in SEO.
Crozier & Son

Social Media Writing - What's Included?

Different platforms, different copy.

While you may know the preferred socials for your audience, did you know not all channels were created equally? Each social platform requires a different writing style to engage with the corresponding user base. Thankfully, I can help you match the copy to the platform–helping you meet the platform preferences within your larger audience.

The Social Media Writing Process.

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1. Consult

Whether you have a content schedule or not, I can help you schedule your content or simply write the copy. But before we dive into creating awesome social media copy, I’ll need to learn more about your business, goals, audience, voice, and tone. This allows me to create copy that will resonate with your audience and align with your company’s vision. This can be done through email, Zoom, or in person.

2. Create

Next, I’ll start creating your copy; you may already have some post ideas, for example, some upcoming events you want people to know about, so I can dive into writing captions that will get people excited about such events. As well as adding the most relevant hashtags to help more people discover you.  If you are an agency managing multiple social media accounts and need to outsource some of your content, I can help alleviate the stresses of content demand.

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Stop people scrolling, engage them and get them excited enough about your offer to click through to your website.

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