Local SEO St Ives: Rank Your Business

Wondering how the heck you can rank above your competitors on Google? Well, there’s a whole host of things you can do to beat them, and we want to show you how.

Position 1 on Google gets over 30% of web traffic = More traffic than all other first-page search engine results combined? Yep wow! As for page 2, no one finds you on page 2.

Our Vision For SEO In St Ives

For the past 3 years, our growing agency has been creating content and helping businesses rank on Google. With roots firmly planted in St Ives, we now want to bring our expert knowledge to your small businesses. Outrank your competitors on the Google search results means you get a bigger piece of the pie. 


A tonne goes into local SEO, and many people, including many of your competitors, won’t even know what search engine optimisation is! By seeking the best SEO services in St Ives, you can outrank them, get a larger portion of the web traffic, and ultimately, more conversions and more sales. 

Why Get Help With SEO In St Ives?

Why Is My Business Not Ranking?

Wondering why your business isn't ranking? The complex Google algorithms that decide the rankings for search terms are incredibly frustrating for business owners. It’s super disheartening to implement SEO techniques, only for nothing to happen and your competitors to stay ahead of you on the rankings.

Don't Know Where To Start?

When you're running a small business it’s extremely hard to even know where to start with SEO. there’s just so much to it. It's a full-time job for many, including us here at Dan Harmon - IO. Creating conversion-optimized pages, getting backlinks, marketing, creating content, optimizing Google My Business, updating your website and reviews are just a few of the factors that can impact your local SEO rankings.

Not Sure What SEO Is Exactly?

So you know you need to rank above your competitors on Google, that's obvious! But did you know that many small business owners don’t even know what SEO is? Even those with a great understanding of the skill, often lack the deep understanding required to rank pages in 2022.

No Time To Do The Work Required?

Running a small business, especially in a town like St Ives, is time-consuming, to say the least. A huge amount of time and effort is required to create the sort of website/content that ranks highly on Google.

Does SEO Actually Work?

When you consult a professional SEO consultant and have them do the work required to get you ranking on Google, it works. Like, really works. It takes time and education to see results on Google, so hiring SEO help is only for you if you’re a business owner that cares about their marketing and is in it for the long run.

Sick Of The SEO Spam?

We know, you’ve probably been spammed with hundreds of emails in your business inbox from marketers claiming to help you rank on google? And yes it reeks of spam and the industry's reputation has suffered as a result.

The Value Of Local SEO In St Ives

  1. Let’s take a look at the numbers. Say the keyword “burgers in St Ives” gets 60,000 searches per month, and position number 1 on the search results page gets 30% of that traffic, they get 18,000 searches of that traffic. 


2. Say then only 10,000 users then click on position 1’s website or landing page and some of them choose to do business or call to use their services. Even a conversion rate for a web page of 2% means 200 users make a purchase or choose to use your service. 


3. If for example, position 1’s average customer spend or product cost is £50, that’s £10,000 in value, purely from ranking #1 on Google. 


4. Then there’s you. Way down on the search pages, somewhere around 6 or 7, which brings in a sporadic little bit of traffic every few days or so. You’re just missing out on masses of traffic potential.

Local SEO Audit

When you come to our agency for SEO help in St Ives, after our initial meeting, we audit your site and figure out exactly what can be improved and what needs to be done to get you ranking higher on Google.

Keyword Research & Optimisation

We then take our keyword research extremely seriously. We go to great lengths to find all the keywords you need to be ranking for as well as some extra ones you may not have thought of.  This deep level of keyword research expands your opportunity and likelihood of ranking.

Building a website page

Updating & Optimizing Your Website (No Point Otherwise)

It’s all good driving traffic to your website and optimizing for local SEO in St Ives, but if you’re driving traffic to a bad or website not optimized for conversions, it’s pointless. So before we get stuck into doing any local SEO work, we will update your website and work with you closely to make changes. So when that new influx of traffic comes in, your website is extremely well optimized to receive it.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Account

An often overlooked aspect of every small business is your Google My Business account. We take this aspect very seriously and make sure your profile is filled out to the maximum and serves its purpose as it should.

Your Online Presence

Creating a digital footprint and gathering links to your site is a crucial element for local SEO. We source the best places to link to your site and create a web of links. Through both external and internal linking between your pages, we create a web of links that contribute to your ranking.


Optimising what you do across your site and marketing to get reviews is an incredibly powerful ranking factor. We design your site and make it easy for your customers to leave reviews.

Content Ideas & Strategy

Although we can’t create content for you as part of our local SEO package we can give you a plan, complete with keyword research on blog ideas and videos you can create for your business. This is another important Google ranking factor and something we are extremely passionate about!

Hire Specialist SEO Services From The Freshest Digtial Marketing Agency In Cornwall.

Our SEO Clients

Why Choose Dan Harmon - IO For Your Local SEO In St Ives ?

St Ives Based

Although our growing team works from around the world. Our roots are firmly based in St Ives and having lived in the town for years and still visiting regularly between travels, I would love to share my knowledge with businesses around St Ives.

We Care

When using a large agency where you are essentially just another customer, here at Dan Harmon - IO, we only work with a handful of businesses at any time. This means we can work with you closely and communicate to consistently create the type of results that actually improve your Google rankings.

If Your Rankings Don't Improve, You Don't Pay

We are so dedicated to our craft, that if your business doesn't at least jump up the rankings a few places, you don’t pay for our service. We are that confident in our knowledge, that if you don’t improve your rankings, we don't want any money from you. No questions asked.

Expert Local SEO Knowledge

Over the past few years, we have gained knowledge in SEO through self-study and seeking the help of industry experts. This type of knowledge is lucrative and many people don’t know how it’s done.

3 Years + Of SEO Knowledge

We have more than 3 years of invaluable local and general SEO knowledge and cant wait to share it with you. In 2022, this sort of knowledge is extremity lucrative, which is why we don't give it out to anyone who isn't serious about ranking their business.

We Love What We Do

When it comes to differentiation and choosing someone to help with your local SEO, we just love what we do. I mean anything to do with helping you rank on Google, create a great website, and create effective copywriting, we do and love it all and can’t wait to help you.

Case Study: Crozier & Son

Find Out How Our SEO Services Helped Former St Ives, Cornwall Resident Harry, Rank His New Business On Google, Over In Australia. 

So How Does SEO Work With Us?

1. SEO Audit

Before we do anything, we will dive deep into the numbers and analyse the traffic you're getting currently, what keywords you're ranking for and where about in the search pages you're ranking. This will give us the information needed to make a plan of action.

2. Action Plan

We strongly believe SEO isn't just something you hand over to us, instead its an ongoing relationship in which we work together and do everyuting posisbe to increase your chances of ranking on Google.

3. Execution

Time to start working towards your rise on the search pages. Although what we do differs from client to client, but typically includes updating and adding to your website, updating your Google My Business profile, creating content, gathering customer reviews, keyword research, and backlinking.

3 Months SEO

£ 500 Per Month
  • Free SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research & Optimisation
  • Google My Business
  • Citation Listing
  • Website Updates
  • Review Optimisation
  • Content Plan
  • Meta Data Optimisation
  • Weekly & Monthly Analysis Report

6 Months SEO

£ 400 Per Month
  • Free SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research & Optimisation
  • Google My Business
  • Citation Listing
  • Website Updates
  • Review Optimisation
  • Content Plan
  • Meta Data Optimisation
  • Weekly & Monthly Analysis Report

12 Months SEO

£ 300 Per Month
  • Free SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research & Optimisation
  • Google My Business
  • Citation Listing
  • Website Updates
  • Review Optimisation
  • Content Plan
  • Meta Data Optimisation
  • Weekly & Monthly Analysis Report

Want To Rank Your Small Business On Google? Get local SEO Help In St Ives Today.

100% Satisfaction

If Your Rankings & Traffic Don't Increase, You Don't Pay. Simple.

Please note with Google, nothing is guaranteed and although we wish we controlled the algorithms, we don’t. So successful local SEO takes time and we recommend working with us for a minimum period of 3- 6 months and ideally, 6-12 months. But if you are not seeing results during this period and don’t feel you are getting a good ROI, you can opt out anytime, with no contracts involved. 

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