Surfing in Margaret River || Complete Surf Trip Guide 

Few surf destinations pack such a high volume of spots and match it with consistency as well as Margaret River. Between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste, there are anywhere between 100 and 150 surf breaks, from slabs to points to beachies and anything in between. But as a foreign punter, how do you tap into such riches? Here’s everything you need to know for surfing in Margaret River. 

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Surfing in Margaret River

Best Time of Year 

The best time of year to surf in Margaret River is between March and May. This is when long-period Indian Ocean swells are met with offshore winds and the weather isn’t too cold. In summer, there’s always something to surf, but it gets hot and blown out most afternoons. In winter, the Margaret River gets slammed by huge storms, and temperatures plunge into single digits. But there’s always a corner to surf if you know where to look. 

Margaret River Surf Spots 

Main Break 

Main break is the most famous Margaret River surf spot, it’s the Championship Tour venue and a super consistent, powerful a-frame reef. The wave is a deep water wave, and the line-up vast. The right is short and powerful, and ends on the near-dry reef, whereas the left is longer, but fatter and ends in the channel. There’s always something to ride, rarely flat and holds up to 20ft. Even on a small day, it’s impossible to surf out there and not take a set on the head. 

The Box 

Across the channel from Main Break is The Box–one of the most notorious waves in the area. The Box is a heavy, hollow slab that comes out of deep water and throws over itself onto near dry reef. A spot for expert surfers and hard chargers only. 

North Point 

North Point is one of the best waves in the world on its day, a heavy slabbing point with multiple sections, that on the right day, link together and offer the chance to ride two or three tubes on the same wave. If it’s on, expect thick tubes and even thicker crowds. 

South Point

On the other side of the bay in Gracetown, is South Point. If North Point is too much to handle, South Point offers an excellent refuge. It’s a fun, albeit a little fat, left-hand point. One of the easier waves to surf in the area.  

Gas Bay 

Gas Bay is an incredible wave with two defined peaks. You have the reef break which is a slabbing a-frame peak with a short dangerous left and a longer hollower right. It’s always crowded, but a sick wave when conditions align. Next to the reef, there are a handful of hollow beach break peaks where you can find more space.  


Lefties is a really fun left-hand reef break that’s a go-to when it’s small. If the swell is small, this stretch of coast has Lefties and several other fun waves. I’ll let you go find the others yourself though. 


Redgate is another fun beach break. Very consistent and if the swell is small, it’s always worth a check. Expect wedgy beach break peaks with sections for tubes and ramps. Usually crowded, particularly on weekends and notoriously sharky. 

Surfing in margaret river

Getting There 

To get to Margaret River, fly to Perth International Airport, rent a car there (check out Discover Cars), and then make the 3-hour drive south to Margaret River. 

Getting Around

To surf in Margaret River, you need a car. Without a set of wheels, you’ll struggle to get waves and because Margaret River town is around a 20-minute drive inland from the main surf spots, doing the place without a car is more or less impossible.  

Where to Stay?

There are a handful of accommodations in Magaret River, however many of them are pricey. There is one hostel in town, where you can find a dorm room for around $ 35 USD per night. Otherwise, there are several campsites around the coast.

Power, Consistency and Every Wave You Could Ever Want to Surf Amidst a Wild & Rugged Coastline. 

Tips for Surfing in Margaret River


All the marquee spots are crowded. Main Break and North Point will have anywhere between 20-60 people surfing on the best days. So while the coastline here is rugged and wild, there are plenty of people who love surfing. 


It’s no secret that Margaret River is notorious for sharks and there’s no way to sugarcoat it. If you are surfing in Margaret River, there are going to be sharks around. I only saw a shark once in the 4 months I was in town, and there are some shark prevention methods you can use.  


Scoring waves in Margaret River is all about getting on the road and driving. There are just so many spots to check that you often find yourself checking a spot, checking five more and then ending up back at the first spot you checked.


As you’d expect, the waves in Margaret River are powerful. The coast is just so exposed to anything the Indian Ocean throws at it and with a lack of continental shelf to slow it down, waves come from the deep ocean and break directly onto the various beachies and reefs of the region. You’ll need a step up. 

Margaret River Surf

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Australia - Travel Information 

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  • SYD – PER: 5h 0m 
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Visas: 3-month visa on arrival and working holiday visa 

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Final Words 

Undoubtedly, Margaret River is one of the best surf destinations on the planet. Expect endless swell, large powerful swells, lots of driving, beautiful scenery, fine wine and a trip you’ll never forget. For more information on surfing in Margaret River, please send us a message below. 

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