Travel copy to inform and inspire

As a professional travel copywriter, I love creating content that gives your audience the knowledge and actionable steps to make dream trips a reality.

A specialist travel copywriter to inspire travel and transport your readers around the world. 

Travel Content Struggles

Creating epic travel content is easier said than done, and if you've tried your hand at it, you'll know some of these issues first hand.

Struggling to turn your ideas into words?

If you own a travel company but are not a writer, it’s tricky to turn all those incredible ideas into words that inspire travel. Thankfully, I can help turn all your thoughts into words. Words your audience will love, resonate with and take action on. Oh, and build your credibility in the process.

No time?

No matter what type of travel company you run, finding the time to create the content you want is tricky, if not impossible, next to the 1001 other things you need to do. I can help free up your time and create excellent travel copy while you spend more time doing the things you love.

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Painting a picture

Travel copywriting is awash with cliches, vague descriptions and cringy hype words. However, standing out in 2023 requires painting a specific vision of a place that truly resonates with someone and allows them to feel as if they’re already at the destination.

Hire me as your travel copywriter today, and say goodbye to cliches.

Types of Travel Writing

Client Testimonials

We hired Dan as our copywriter to create some blog content to help our business. We run a surf school In, and Dan's posts helped our audience learn valuable information about the ocean and surfing techniques.
House of Surf
Dan both created our website and first blog post. We will certainly be hiring him again to create some more blog content. A super professional copywriting service 🙂
Dan helped us create a new website for our new family-run business and created some ‘destination guides’ in the form of blog posts for our property management site. Super easy to work with and very knowledgeable in SEO.
Crozier & Son

Travel Writing Topics

Destination Guides

Suppose you want to establish authority through epic destination guides. In that case, I love creating informative articles and city guides to give your audience all the information needed to make a trip happen.

Hotel Reviews

If you’re a hotel owner seeking a travel copywriter to create a detailed, unbiased review to attract guests to your hotel, I can help.


When planning a trip, there’s nothing more fun than reading through a listicle of all the fantastic things to do in your destination. I love creating fun, easy-to-consume content for travellers with their hearts made up.

Travel Tips

There’s no better way to establish authority as a travel company than, you know… helping people travel. As a travel copywriter, I can provide travel tips based on years of real travel experience across six continents. (Damn it, Antarctica)! 

Luxury Travel

Are you a brand offering luxury travel experiences? I help you create stunning website pages and showcase the amazing experiences you have to offer. All while optimizing for conversions and SEO.  

Brochure Writing

Looking to showcase top destinations and experiences through a fabulous brochure? I use a combination of cliche-free, descriptive writing and emotional marketing to provide you with travel copy that gets results. 

From expert travel tips and informative destination guides, my copy bridges the gap between plans and planes.

How Did I Become a Travel Copywriter?

I am, in equal parts, a traveller and writer. Both pursuits consume my life as I work freelance while travelling the globe full-time. It is with this real-world experience and a keen eye for excellent travel writing. My travel journey began after leaving school at 16 to follow my passion for surfing and travel. As I worked odd jobs to get around the globe, I started blogging about my travel experiences and fell in love with writing. Fast-forward ten years and my passion for writing and jet-setting are what I exude in the work I create for the wonderful clients I work for. I genuinely love what I do and can’t wait to help you inspire others to see the world and, who knows, maybe follow in my footsteps

Travel Writing Samples

Blog Article For RVnGO // Bisacayne National Park
Surf Destination Guide // Chicama, Peru
Surf Destination Guide // Puerto Escondido, Mexico

My Travel Writing Process

While amazing photos are crucial to inspiring travel in your readers, creating awesome travel copy requires extensive writing knowledge, specific travel writing familiarity and real world travel experiences. In addition to all these things, I also use a set process to ensure anything I create for you is high quality, every time. 

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Before putting finger to keyboard, I’ll need to meet with you to understand your business, audience and content goals. We can do this via email, phone, or Zoom. The choice is yours.


Once I know your project brief and goals, I can get stuck into creating your content, whether it’s a destination guide, review, or landing page selling your travel services; this is where I dive into my research and create your copy.

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After creating your first draft, I spend significant time refining the copy, performing fact checks, and fine-tuning the piece with the latest writing tools.


Once complete, I will send it back to you for approval. You can make any last-minute tweaks here, so your project is nothing short of perfect before publishing. In addition to my copywriting skills, I can help publish and promote your content; with extensive SEO, and WordPress knowledge, I can write your copy and publish and promote it for you.

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Types of Travel Companies I Can Help

As a professional travel copywriter, I work with countless travel clients, ranging from hotels, tour companies and hospitality services. 

My Travel Writing Experience

I have been a freelance copywriter for the past 4-5 years. While I have a travel blog of my own that helps my audience travel and surf around the world, I create guides and articles for various travel clients across the globe. 

Travel copy, written for travellers, by a traveller.

For an experienced travel copywriter, please get in touch with me today. I can’t wait to help you create informative content that inspires your audience to travel! Email or call me on: OR +447376469502