Why Is Copywriting Important?

Across the web, numerous definitions of copywriting differ in exactness. However, copywriting is any writing done with purpose. Previously, copywriting was reserved for specialist marketers who studied for years at university to craft sneaky copy for magazine sections. Now, things are much different, and marketing is everywhere. 


You’ll find copywriting in multiple forms in day-to-day life. It’s fricking everywhere. You only have to look at your Twitter feed, scroll through Instagram, open an email, and you’ll see copywriting in action. Any business in 2022 needs fantastic copy; when done well, it is worth thousands, even millions of dollars to a company. 


Writing in a way that touches your audience and moves them to action is incredibly powerful in conversions.


While you can hire a professional copywriter to create excellent copy for you, this can be costly. If you don’t have the time and resources to invest in it, it’s well worth learning what goes into this modern, super influential skill. Let’s discover what copywriting is, the different types, and why copywriting is vital to your business. 

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What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting means writing for a specific purpose. Typically, to sell a product/service or have someone take a particular action, such as fill out a form or sign up to your mailing list. Excellent copy should touch on an audience’s emotions and almost ’force’ them to take action. 

Different Types of Copywriting 

Copywriting comes in various forms and is categorized according to purpose. Here are some of the most common: 


• SEO (writing to rank on Google, this type is often confused with content writing, which aims to build credibility and develop a relationship by helping to inform and entertain your audience) 

• Product descriptions

• Social media captions 

• Landing pages 

• Website pages 

• Emails (sequences) 

• Ad copy 


Most of these different copywriting types all aim to get an audience member to take action. Either sign up to your list or buy a product. 


Tip – While often confused, copywriting and content writing are very different in aim. Copywriting aims to move your audience to action by touching on their emotions and positioning your product to solve a problem or help them achieve a goal. 


Content, on the other hand, helps your audience by showing them how to do something. Therefore positioning your business as an authority in your niche results in credibility and trust. Content achieving this through blog posts and even social media content is a crucial step before copywriting comes into play to make conversions and sales. 

Why Is Copywriting Important? 

Copywriting is essential if your business stands any chance of successfully utilizing technology and the various marketing channels available here in 2022. I mean, it’s insane the opportunities we have right now to market our products and services. So let’s check out some of the main reasons copywriting is crucial.

Resonate With Your Audience  

Outstanding copywriting is a chance to show your audience that you understand them. This means you can hit your audience in the most critical areas of their lives. These are their pain points, hopes, dreams, and goals. 


This power allows you to craft copy that makes your audience sign up to your email list or click that button to buy your product because your product or service helps improve their lives. By focusing on your reader’s emotions and lives, you aren’t selling a product but rather transforming their lives. 

Conversions & Sales  

By focusing on your reader’s emotions and lives, you aren’t selling a product but rather transforming their lives. Crafting superb copy is essential to action/conversions. This can be as simple as the copy for a button on your page or a carefully worded call to action at the bottom of an email. 


Writing a great call to action (CTA) alongside the other essential elements of a landing page will increase sales and conversions tenfold. Copywriting facilitates it when you’re getting people to sign up for a list or buy a product. 

Credibility & Reputation   

Any copy on your website reflects your business’s goals, mission, and values, which should be prominent throughout your copy. While credibility and reputation are built through content (blog posts and social content), the wording is still super important anywhere. 


No one wants to click on a landing page to find a bodged-together page with grammatical errors and generic copy. It does nothing for your audience or business. Instead, the type of copy that hits your audience emotionally and moves them to action is helping your business and improving your audience’s lives. 

Inform & Entertain   

Informing and entertaining are typically reserved for your blog content. This type of writing is your chance to show off your knowledge, help your audience and build your credibility simultaneously. 


Creating a fantastic blog can make you the go-to for specific information within your niche. This is the holy grail – Your audience searches for your business to find certain information. 


Genuinely helping your audience and providing high-value content is a sure-fire way to inform and entertain your audience and facilitate them doing business with you. 


Often overlooked, content creation is pushed aside due to ‘no time or resources, especially for small businesses. But learning how to write compelling copy and entertaining content is essential to build a customer relationship truly.


The importance of copywriting in an ever-digital world is evident. Fantastic copywriting is essential, whether it be for advertising, landing pages, ranking on Google, or any page you want your audience to take action on. 


Now that you know what copywriting is, it’s time to dive in and learn how to write fantastic copy, or, failing that, hire a copywriter to craft unique copy for you. If you have any questions regarding copywriting and need help with your business copy, please reach out. I would love to help. 


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