Surfing El Paredon Guatemala (Complete Guide) 

While Guatemala might not have the world-class waves of Central America’s best surf destinations, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Guatemala is a nation with a lot to offer, in and out of the water.  Guatemala also happens to be one of the world’s cheapest surf destinations and it’s an awesome place to score fun waves on a shoestring. 

There are a few surf towns in Guatemala, but by far, the best and most established is El Paredon. Here’s everything you need to know about surfing El Paredon, from what the surf’s like, where to stay, and how to get there.   


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El Paredon Surf Season

There are waves in El Paredon at any time of year. In Central America’s main surfing season, the waves here can be pretty big and wash out the beach break of El Paredon. However in the dry season (October to April), swells are smaller, and while still consistent, large swells are much less frequent and the exposed beach break can handle it better.

El Paredon - Surf Spot Breakdown 

El Paredon is a long and exposed stretch of black sand beach, which means waves can change drastically depending on sand movement. Up and down the beach, there are lefts and rights, usually rip-bowl style waves that break out the back, then reform in the shore break. There’s no way of telling, what the banks will be like until you’re there and watching it. Think of a long, oversized Huntington…

Where is El Paredon?

How to Get There?

The best way to get to El Paredon is via Guatemala City or Antigua. There are shuttle buses that run frequently between the two and I’d recommend organising it via your accommodation. It takes around 2 hours from Guatemala City to El Paredon. 

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Where to Stay?

El Paredon is a small town, and I use the word town tentatively. El Paredon is rather a collection of sandy tracks, a handful of small shops (tienda), with a few surf hotels laced through it. There isn’t much going on, but surprisingly there are several super cool, laid-back surf hostels to stay in while surfing in El Paredon. 

This is where I stayed during my Paredon surf venture and what a wicked place. There’s a pool with a volleyball net, a healthy crop of young travelers passing through, an on-site cafe, and an area for stretching and hammocks. The rooms are comfortable and clean with a beautiful washed concrete aesthetic. The only downside was the wifi was pretty intermittent, but this is typical of anywhere in El Paredon.  Book Mellow on Hosteworld. 

Another excellent and affordable option for surfing in El Paredon. Just a few feet from the beach, you’ll enjoy a pool, wifi, garden, and restaurant. They also offer a shuttle service and double rooms start at $74 (sleeps two). A great place to stay! Book Paredon Surf House on 

If you’d prefer you’re El Paredon surfing experience all wrapped into one easy booking, and take away the stress of organising your trip, check out Book Surf Camps. They have surf camps in Guatemala and all over Central America for beginners and intermediates. 

Tips for Surfing El Paredon


El Paredon is an exposed beach break which means if you’re heading in the main Central American surfing season, it can often be big and washed out, and with a lack of other options, it can be tricky to find somewhere to surf.


In town, there are packs of stray dogs that roam the streets. So if you’re scared do dogs like I am (or even if you’re not) these dogs are often hostile towards people. Especially if you’re carrying a surfboard and at night time.  

El Paredon Surf Lessons 

In El Paredon, you’ve got a few options for learning how to surf. Some of the best places to take surf lessons and hire equipment include: 

Final Words 

Surfing in El Paredon isn’t a world-class surf trip, like say, Costa Rica’s top surf spots, or El Salvador’s dreamy rights, next door, But if you’re after somewhere chill, to unwind and surf fun waves in a laid-back tropical paradise, El Paredon is an excellent option. For more information on surfing in Central America, check out my full guide, or other guide including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. 

El Paredon Surfing FAQs 

There’s not much going on in El Paredon, it’s a sleepy surf town, and you come here to surf, relax and sip beers in hammocks. It’s a tricky place to be productive if you’re living a surfing, digital nomad-type lifestyle, but to escape from it all, it’s ideal! 

El Paredon town is safe, as there’s just not much here, As well, you’ll likely find yourself mingling with groups of other travelling surfers and backpackers and just hanging out at the hostel and restaurants, so it usually feels safe. However, you are still in Latin America and so take typical safety precautions. 

The short answer is no. But it will depend on the banks, time of year and the size of the swell. I often found myself surfing alone, but the waves were solid and I was usually surfing double up shore breaks that weren’t too appealing for most people. 

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