Surfing Canggu Bali | The Ultimate Guide 

Canggu is everyone’s favorite surf town. An ever-expanding surf town, digital nomad, party metropolis that seems to get bigger and bigger every time you return. While the crowds and rapid development of Canggu are no secret, there’s still plenty of charm left in what many still call Bali’s best surf town. In this post, we dive into everything you need to know for surfing in Canggu. From where to stay, where to surf, and some tips for navigating the area. We have a heap to get through, so let’s dive in. 

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Best Time of Year 

The best time of year to surf in Canggu, is well, any really. During the wet season, (October – April) you’ve got morning offshores, which by 10 a.m. turns into onshore slop. Whereas in the dry season, you’ll score the morning offshores until around the same time when the trade winds come up and blow cross-shore across the Canggu surf breaks. Canggu is super consistent and it’s extremely rare for there to be nothing to ride here. 

Canggu Surf

Canggu Surf Spots

Echo Beach 

If you’re an advanced surfer or progressing Intermediate, then Echo is your go-to. Echo Beach is a consistent stretch of coastline that has three waves within it. A left, a right, and a beach break within a 100-metre stretch. Pretty cool, huh? The left is a punchy powerful left reef with peaks for turns and barrels. The right is a point break style right reef with sections for turns, while the beachie in the middle of the two provides punchy peaks with a predominant left wedge.

Old Mans 

If you’re riding a mal or longboard, or you’re learning to surf in Bali, head to Old Mans. While it’s still a reef break, Old Mans breaks in deep water, making for long peeling lines of whitewater and a safe environment for learning to surf in Bali. 

How to Get There?

Canggu is around a 1-hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. However, you’ll have to factor in traffic which can double your journey time. 

Getting Around

Getting around in Canggu is pretty straightforward. By far the best, as the most cheaply and flexible of getting around is by moped. You can hire motorbikes through your accommodation, or check out one of the dozens of rental shops in town. Typically, the going rate for a moped per day is around 70k IDR ($5). 

If you’re worried about driving (let’s face it, roads are crazy in Bali), and you don’t want the stress, check out GoJek, which is essentially a moped version of Uber. They can pick you up and drop you off anywhere in Canggu. 

Alternatively, check out Discover Cars for the cheapest car hire prices in Bali, but to be honest, I wouldn’t advise this, due to the traffic! Taxis are also common and if you’re planning to stay at one of Bali’s other top surf towns, they are a great option for longer journeys. 

Surfer Riding Wave in Canggu Bali

Where to Stay? 

In Canggu, you’re spoiled for choice for where to stay, no matter what you’re budget. 


For something affordable, but not a flea-pit backpacker joint, Clandestino is an epic place to meet people and grab a dorm bed for around $10 per night. Check out Clandestino here.  

Cheap, cheerful, and a hostel with everything you need as a budget surf traveler in Canggu. While this place certainly isn’t luxurious, it’s a good spot to meet other travelers and get waves on a shoestring.  Book Black Pearl here.


This is my favorite place to stay in Canggu. private rooms for around $15 per night. Friendly owners, good Wi-Fi, clean rooms, and located on Batu Balong (the main street close to everything you need in Canggu). Check out Bouganvillea here. 

Another wicked option in the heart of Canggu. Just down the road (walking distance) from the Old Man’s surf spot, The Brick puts you in a prime location with clean comfortable rooms, wifi, and a pool. Learn more about The Brick. 

Surfer Doing Air Echo Beach Surf Canggu

Tips for Surfing in Canggu 


The crowds are insane in Canggu (and everywhere in Bali for that matter) and Canggu is crowded from sun up to sun down, day in and day out. If you’re prepared to surf through the midday heat and onshores, you can get waves with fewer people,  just don’t expect to surf on your own. 

Water Quality 

During the wet season, after heavy rain, the water quality can be poor in Canggu. Brown water, rubbish and run-off from the land make surfing a no-go. On a handful of occasions, I’ve skipped the morning session for water quality issues. 


Like in the water, outside the water, is hectic. Going anywhere in Canggu is a mission, and you’ll be stuck in traffic. I’ve noticed it’s particularly bad between 4-7 pm. 

The Town 

In town, you’ve got everything you could ever want from a surf destination. Heaps of accommodation options, waves, surf shops, hire shops, clothes shops, co-work spaces, restaurants, cafes, bars, and every single comfort and amenity you could ever need on an Indonesian surf trip. 

Final Words 

While the crowds and development have meant Canggu has gotten a little crazy in recent years, the waves remain the same and there are still plenty of good times to be had. Whether you’re living the digital nomad surfing lifestyle, to party or just to get waves, there’s everything you need for a comfortable surf trip. For more information on surfing in Canggu, flick me a comment down below and I’d be happy to help. 

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