Surfing in Brazil (Your Ultimate Guide) 

In the past decade, nowhere has produced a deeper concentration of top-level surfers than Brazil. Medina, Italo, Yago, and the list goes on. However, as a surf travel destination, Brazil is criminally overlooked. If you’re like me, the idea of a perfect surf trip isn’t 8-10ft tubes in some far-flung atoll but a fun user-friendly beachie with 3-4 wedgy peaks. with some sun,  culture, and convenience thrown in for good measure. 

If this sounds like you too, Brazil might have exactly what you want in your next surf trip destination. In this post, we dive into everything you need to know for surfing in Brazil, from the best surf breaks, and how to get around, to where to stay and tips for surfing in the country. Brazil is frickin massive and we have a lot to unpack, so let’s get down to it. 


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Brazil Surf Season

Brazil gets its best waves during winter. April – October. However, this depends on where you are in the country. There are waves all year in Brazil but summer often comes with afternoon onshores and small crappy swell. Most breaks are surprisingly powerful in Brazil and the beachies have a surprising amount of push!  

Ipanema Beach (Brazil Surf Spot)

Best Surf Spots in Brazil


Florianopolis was my favorite place to surf in Brazil and is widely regarded as the best place to be a surfer in the country. An island paradise, in Santa Catalina state boasts incredible white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and fun, consistent beach breaks. Floripa has breaks suitable for all abilities and you’ll never be stuck for somewhere to surf. For more info, check out my full breakdown of surfing in Florianopolis. 


Just outside of Sao Paulo, lies the surf haven Ubatuba, a surfing paradise with almost 100 different beaches in the vicinity. All of them beautiful and many of them with super fun waves. 2022 World Champion, Felipe Toledo grew up here, and the diversity in the breaks shows just how well-rounded and versatile a surfer it shapes you into. 


Gabriel Medina’s hometown, with more punchy beach breaks than you could ever need. Just north of Sao Paulo, this laid-back surf town is a wicked spot to relax, surf every day, and live the quintessential Brazilian beach lifestyle. 

Rio de Janeiro 

Rio, while also being one of the most popular cities to visit on earth, also has some super fun waves. The former CT venue, Barra da Tijuca is a long stretch of fun and sometimes hollow beach break, whereas other breaks include Ipanema (Arpoador), Copacabana, and the current CT event, just outside of the city–Saquarema. Read my full guide to surfing in Rio de Janeiro for more information. 


Recife, located in North East of Brazil is a wave-rich stretch of coast. However, some breaks remain off-limits as the area has some of the highest shark attack statistics in the world. Be careful when and where you surf in these parts. 

Fernando de Noronha

If you want to get off the beaten track and explore one of Brazil’s true paradises, make the trip to Fernando de Noronha. While the islands are not one of the world’s cheapest surf destinations, splash the cash on this venture and you’ll be rewarded with amazing beaches and hollow beach a-frames. 

Barra da Tijuca Surf Spot

Getting to Brazil 

Rio is one of the most visited cities on earth and Sao Paulo is the largest economic center in South America, so as you’d expect getting to and from these cities is easy. You can find the cheapest flights to Brazil on Kayak. I’d recommend starting your trip in Rio, surfing some of the famous beach breaks there, and then either flying to Sao Paulo or Florianopolis. 

Getting Around

By Plane 

Brazil is massive! I mean, the country is larger than Australia! By far, the best and easiest way to get around in Brazil is by plane. Check out Kayak Flights for cheap domestic flights within Brazil. 

By Car 

If you’re basing your Brazilian surf trip in one place, hiring a car is an excellent way to get around. This way you can shoot between the various surf breaks and have the most freedom for chasing waves. Check out cheap hire cars in Brazil on DiscoverCars. 

By Bus 

If you’re on a budget surf trip to Brazil, buses are a fantastic way to get around. Not only are they affordable but long overnight journeys can double up as your accommodation for a night. For buses, I always use BusBud to book. Check out some of the major routes in Brazil here.

Where is Brazil?

Best Beginner Surf Spots in Brazil 

There are countless surf spots in Brazil for beginners. All major surf towns have areas that provide a safe, and easy environment for learners. Some of the best places I discovered during my six-week surf venture to Brazil were Barra da Lagoa in Florianopolis and Ipanema in Rio. 

Competitive Surfing in Brazil 

Brazil’s CT surfers are the most prominent force on the championship Tour right now and the nation has dominated the competitive surfing scene for the past decade. Brazil hosts two major international surfing events throughout the year, the VIVO Rio Pro at Saquarema and the CS event at the same venue. 

Rio Brazil Surfing

Brazil Surf Trip - Cost Breakdown 

Final Words 

Brazil’s position as a surf destination is still developing for surfers from overseas, but the fact the place has produced so much talent over the years so that surfing had to develop somewhere right? Brazil just has that perfect mix that makes surfing easy… warm(ish) waters, beach lifestyle, fun beach break waves, and sunny skies! 

For more information on surfing in Brazil, head to my YouTube channel, or read some of my other blog posts on the country. As always please comment below with any questions! Yew! 

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