Surfing in Midigama || Everything You Need to Know 

On Sri Lanka’s far south coast town is a surf town gem, boasting an incredible density of fun, user-friendly surf breaks. The town of Weligama and the smaller, Midigama host breaks for all abilities and combines the beautiful Sri Lankan pace of life, friendly locals, and low cost of living. Here’s everything you need to know for surfing in Midigama. 


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Best Time of Year 

The best time of year to surf in Midigama is between November and March. These months combine consistent swell, morning offshores, and the best conditions for the Midigama surf breaks. Outside of this season (April – October), the area is plagued with constant onshore winds and rain, and so while you might score the odd day of fun waves, you’d be better off heading to Arugam Bay on the East Coast. 

Aerial panorama view of beautiful weligama bay in the morning, sri lanka
Birds View of the Midigama Coast

Midigama Surf Spots 

For a stretch of coastline only a few kilometers long, the Midigama area packs in an incredible number of surf spots and is the most wave-rich of all Sri Lankan surf destinations. Here are some of the best. 


Rams is a shallow hollow wave and the best quality wave in Midigama. For advanced surfers only, Rams is a hollow right-breaking over shallow coral reef. While the wave does have some power and you can get barrelled, it’s friendly as far as hollow waves go. 


Plantations is a reef/beach break that has fun a-frame peaks in small to medium swells. A good go-to spot for intermediates and advanced surfers. Just watch out for some of the rocks on the inside! 


Right next to Plantations is Coconuts another stretch of beach/reef break that can have fun peaks across it. Playful peaks are aplenty here! Can be less crowded than Plantations. 

Lazy Left 

As the name suggests, Lazy Left is a fat, easy lefthander. A great wave for budding intermediates looking to surf pointbreaks for the first time and can even be okay for advanced surfers looking to sharpen their cutbacks. 

Mirissa Sri Lankan Surf Spot


Weligama is one of the best beginner surf spots in Sri Lanka–a large crescent-shaped bay with rolling peaks and lines of whitewater, making for the ideal playground to catch your first waves or practice catching unbroken ones. Along the beach are countless surf schools and hire shops where you can grab a good soft board for $5 per hour.


Mirissa is a beautiful golden sand beach, with a fun shore break for bodysurfing, and then a right-hand reef at the water end of the beach. It’s an excellent spot to hang out, sip cocktails, bodysurf, and get some fun predictable but mellow rights. 

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Where is Midigama?

How to get to Midigama?

Getting to Midigama is straightforward. You can access the town by train (coming from Hikkaduwa or Colombo) or by road and private taxi. There are also bus routes that run frequently along this stretch the of coast. A private taxi is the best way to get to Midigama. 

This is the means I chose, although it took much longer than usual due to flooding during our trip (something to watch out for if you’re visiting early season – October). 

Getting Around 

Getting around Midigama is super easy. You’ll be able to hail a tuk-tuk from the roadside at any given time and flick between Weligama and Midigama. You can also take the super cheap bus, just be prepared to stand up and hold on for your life! 

Where to Stay? 

Midigama is a well-established surf town and has accommodation options for all budgets, While Midigama itself is only a small stretch of road, there are a handful of hostels and hotels, whereas, in the larger town of Weligama, you’ve got more choice. Here’s my pick… 

Cozy Cocos 

Cozy Cocos was where I stayed during my latest (2023) trip to Sri Lanka. Spacious rooms, great wifi, warm water, and overlooking Coconuts. Affordable and convenient spot to stay right in Midigama. Check out Cozy Cocos on 

Plantation Inn

Plantation Inn is one of the best places to stay for surfing in Midigama. Next door to Cocos, Plantations has clean, comfortable rooms just across the street from Coconuts, a friendly owner, and everything you need for scoring waves in the area. Check it out on 

The Wave Surf Inn Midigama

if you’re looking for something cheap and easy for your Midigama trip, look no further. Beachfront with a garden and terrace, right in front of the waves. Learn more on 

Midigama Beach, near Weligama on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, Asia

Midigama Surf Camp Packages

Organizing a surf trip can be stressful with a lot of ever-moving parts of planning required. If that’s not you, check out Book Surf camps who remove this stress. They offer packages all over Sri Lanka for different abilities! 

Many of their best packages include your accommodation, airport transfers, food, and surf coaching all in one easy booking., Check out Book Surf Camp packages in Sri Lanka here. 

Tips for Surfing in Midigama 


While there’s not much happening in Midigama, it’s a super popular surf destination and with the bustling surf town of Weligama next door, the best spots do get busy so don’t expect to surf alone. Rams on the good days are super crowded, but if you’re willing to explore, there are plenty of semi-anonymous stretches of coast to explore here, and get a few waves to yourself. 


To score the best waves you’ll need to surf in Midigama in the season (November – March), as outside of this season the coast is battered with onshores and rain, with pretty poor conditions. 


All the accommodations, surf spots, and restaurants are situated along the main road in Midigama which you’ll have to walk along and cross (there is no pavement or crossings), so be careful of the road, as the bus drivers fly along this stretch at stupidly high speeds. 

Midigama Surf Break

Final Words 

For any Sri Lankan surf trip, Midigama is a must-visit. A beautiful slice of coast with a wave for you no matter your ability. Head between November and March, stay across the road overlooking the breaks, live simply, and enjoy what you came to Sri Lanka to do–surf your brains out in the bath-tub warm waters. For more information on surfing in Midigama, please ask below or check out my Sri Lanka videos on YouTube.   

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