Surfing Medewi | Your Ultimate Guide 

Can’t decide where to go on your next Bali venture? While Canggu and Uluwatu might take the title of Bali’s best surf town, what if you want somewhere more peaceful? This tiny surf town in North West Bali could have everything you’re after. Here’s everything you need to know about surfing in Medewi. 


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Best Time of Year 

The best time of year to surf in Medewi is between April and October. This is when the large Indian Ocean swells light up the point. However, shoulder season can also be a great time to score waves here, as the point doesn’t like anything too large. 

Medewi Surf Spots 

The Point 

Medewi Point is by far the best wave in the area. It’s a long left-hand point that runs for hundreds of meters over a cobblestone headland. The point works best on high tide and needs a 4-6ft swell to really get going. On smaller days, it’s great for long borders, but you’ll have a tough time on a shortboard, and you need to be good at avoiding rocks. In contrast, if the swell is too big, sets tend to miss the reef and break out in deeper water, rendering the break as one long mush burger. 

The Beachie 

When the swell is small, you can head up the coast (or even walk down the beach) to Sumbul. A long stretch of exposed beach break can have fun peaks for surfers of all abilities, depending on the conditions of the day. Just drive along the beach, and find a peak, and watch out for strong rips if you are a beginner. Better still, hire a local surf guide to get in the know. Alternatively, you can head 30 minutes south to Balian–a super consistent a-frame. Read more about surfing Balian. 

Where is Medewi? 

Medewi is on Bali’s northwest coast, around 2 hours North of Canggu. The best way to reach town is via car. 

Getting Around 

Medewi is a pretty small town, and if you’re staying close to the point (stay tuned for where to stay), you’ll be able to walk to a handful of restaurants, cafes, ding repair joints, and the point itself. However, if you want to maximize your time in Medewi, I’d suggest hiring a moped. This way, you can drive up and down the coast in search of other waves (of which there are plenty, but I won’t tell you where), and explore the area more. You can hire mopeds, for around $5 per day, via most accommodations.

Tips for Surfing Medewi 


As you’d expect for such a fun forgiving point break, the point draws the crowds. And on the best days, expect to be surfing with 30-40 and even 50+ guys out in the lineup. Because the waves are so easy to surf, you get a mix of surfers, of all abilities out in the line-up, which means beginners on the inside, intermediates, and advanced surfers, all battling for waves. 

You’ll also get the local surf guides, pushing learners into waves, regardless of who else is up and riding. That said, if you pick the right ones, the playing field is wide open and you can easily get a few waves amid the hordes. 

The Road 

The road that runs along the coast here is notoriously dangerous. Trucks crossing to Java drive stupidly fast along the road here, and with mopeds and cars, weaving in between them, road safety is almost non-existent. If you’re new to driving in Bali or don’t feel confident, I wouldn’t recommend driving a moped around here.  


Medewi is more affordable than other Balinese surf towns. For instance, you can find meals for less than $3, and rooms for around $10-15 per night. Mopeds for $5 per day. There are only a handful of Western-style restaurants in Medewi and the place is still small enough so that prices haven’t been driven through the roof, like in Canggu, Sanur, or Uluwatu. 

Medewi Surf Spot - The Point

Where to Stay? 

Bombora Medewi

One of the best places to stay while surfing in Medewi. If you’re after a room, and a beautiful pool area overlooking the point, this one is for you. Rooms start at $60 per night and are complete with terraces, hot water, and views across the waves. Learn more here. 

Medewi Beach Inn

Another wicked spot, walking distance from Medewi Point, is Medewi Beach Inn. Certain rooms come with terraces and balconies and there is a beautiful garden area overlooking the point, An epic spot to hang out when the waves are good. Check it out here. 

Umadewi Resort

If you’re looking for something a little more “upmarket” during your trip, check out Umadewi, a 2-minute walk from the point, this 4-star resort boasts an on-site bar, restaurants, wifi, a garden, and beautiful rooms. Book Umadewi here. 

Final Words 

If tropical sun, laid-back vibes and a stupidly long (but mellow, easy-to-surf) left sounds like you, then a trip to Medewi is a no-brainer. Stay within walking distance from the waves, surf your brains out, and tuck into local roadside Nasi Goreng for less than 3 bucks. Just be careful on the roads! For more information on surfing in Medewi, check out my video breakdown or ask me a question below. 

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