Surfing Nusa Lembongan (Ultimate Guide) 

Just off the coast of Bali, sits a beautiful island, with crystal clear waters, perfect tropical reefs, and just enough infrastructure for everything you need in a great surf trip, without being too crowded. Throw in a variety of surf spots for all abilities and you have one of Bali’s best surf destinations. In this article, we explore everything you need to know for surfing Nusa Lembongan, from where to stay, how to get there, and where to surf.  


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Best Time of Year 

There can be waves at all times of the year in Lembongan. However, the biggest and best waves happen during the dry season (April – October). This is when the largest Indian Ocean swells hit the Indonesian Archipelago and are met with trade winds. 

Best Nusa Lembongan Surf Spots


Playgrounds are the easiest and most user-friendly Nusa Lembongan surf spot. An a-frame reef with a predominant right-hander. As the name suggests, the wave is fun and easy to surf. But don’t be fooled, the reef is still shallow and sharp here. 


Across the channel from Playgrounds lies the best wave on Lembongan. On its day, Lacerations is a pumping, right barrel, that spins along the razor-sharp coral reef. This a wave for advanced surfers only and you must wait for the biggest dry season swells for the place to turn on. 


A fun, easy-to-surf left-hander, great for intermediates and even beginners. Although the name suggests scary and sharp (the reef still is), the waves break in relatively deep water and aren’t intimidating. 


A sick wave on its day. A right-hand barrel with sections for turns also. Named after the huge shipwreck that marooned on the reef next to the wave. Today, a crane stands as the punctuating feature of the break and makes for an incredibly unique backdrop, a towering crane tower and the ever-present Mount Agung in the background. 

Mahana Point 

A 30-minute drive across the famous yellow bridge connecting Cenigan Island with Lembongan lies another wave. While it’s no secret, you can sometimes surf here with fewer people, as it’s a bit of a mission to make the drive, On smaller days, Mahana Point is a fun left point that picks up a lot of swells and makes for a good go-to surf spot while surfing in Nusa Lembongan. The wave is unique and punctuated by the restaurant and diving platform perched atop the cliffs, a great spot to sip a Bintang and watch the waves after your session. 

Where is Nusa Lembongan? 

Nusa Lembongan is perched just off the East Coast of Bali. It is part of three islands, Penida, is the largest, then Cenigan and Lembongan. 

How to Get to Nusa Lembongan? 

The best way to get to Nusa Lembongan is by ferry. You will find frequent ferries from East Bali, check out Sanur and Padang Bai and I’d suggest booking through Prices can vary but expect to pay around $20 one way for the fast boat. You can also find routes from Kuta Lombok and the Gilli Islands.  

Where to Stay?  

A super cheap and cheerful spot to stay on Lembongan, you can find dorm rooms for $6 per night. While it’s a long shot from the plush resorts with the view across the bay, Nusa Garden Hostel puts you in paradise for next to nothing. 

Dream Beach Hostel Lembongan

With a traditional Balinese design, Dream Hostel Lemongan puts you minutes from Mushroom Bay, where you’ll be able to paddle out from the beach to surf Playgrounds. This is one of the most affordable spots to stay on Lembongan. Dorm rooms start at $11 per night. 

Widia Homestay

This is where I stayed during my two-week surf trip to Lembongan. Fantastic value for money, with friendly staff, clean private rooms with A/C, Wi-Fi, and a pool. From here, you can walk to the beach and paddle out to Playgrounds, while Shipwrecks is around a 5-minute drive and a long paddle. Check out Widia Homestay here. 

Tips for Surfing Nusa Lembongan

The Place 

I’ll never forget the first time I rocked up to Lembongan. I remember thinking it was the most impossibly beautiful and perfect place I’d ever set eyes on. Crystal-clear turquoise waters, sun, sand, and surf breaks everywhere. It truly is a stunning island and one of the best places to visit in Bali. There are so many other cool things to do, such as snorkeling and diving, swimming with Manta Rays, and checking out the famous Blue Lagoon Cove. 


In town, you’ll find accommodation options for all budgets and heaps of different restaurants and bars. There are also ATMs, dive schools, surf schools, and everything you need as a traveling surfer. In town, you’ll find several places to rent mopeds, and get massages–all the classic Balinese offerings that make the islands what they are. 


As you’d expect being so close to Bali and being one of the best surf destinations in the world, it is crowded on Lembongan. While not as much as Bali itself, when the waves are on here, don’t expect to be surfing alone. 


The wifi has come a long way in Lembongan and at most hotels and cafes, you’ll have a solid connection. I found the Wi-Fi to be sufficient when teaching English online and uploading videos to my YouTube Channel. While the wifi isn’t as reliable as other Balinese surf spots, it’s still possible to work online and get stuff done. 


Most places on Lembongan are cash only, particularly the smaller, more affordable hotels and restaurants, which you’ll want to check out if you’re on a budget trip. The more up-market establishments accept cards though and there are several ATMs across the island. 

Final Words 

Nusa Lembongan is a gem of a place to check out, with a variety of waves, strikingly blue, crystal clear waters, and the chance to explore and dive at coral reefs, whizz around on mopeds, and take in truly a stunning coastline. And who knows, if you time your trip with a swell, you might just get the best waves of your life. 

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