URBN Surf Melbourne – Everything You Need to Know 

Is URBN Surf Melbourne the best wave pool in the world? While it doesn’t have the length of Kelly’s Surf Ranch or the air sections of Texas’ Waco, for surfers from Australia and landlocked Melbourne, it’s just as good. 

For surfers of all abilities, Urban Surf maximizes the fun factor, with mellow walls for beginners and intermediates and punchy turn sections for advanced surfers. Heck, there’s even a slab version of the wave! Throw in great facilities, stadium lighting, and hot tubs, URBN Surf really is a wicked surf experience. So how does URBN Surf work exactly?  


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Where is URBN Surf? 

URBN Surf is next door to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. Just an 8-minute drive.  

How Does URBN Surf Work?

URBN Surf is an artificial wave that offers both lefts and rights. There are 12 surfers on each side of the pool (left and right) and 12 waves in each set, with a minute break to allow water to settle between sets. This means you’re guaranteed a wave every set (don’t fall off) and even 2 waves if there are fewer people.

URBN Surf Settings 

To accommodate all surfing abilities, URBN Surf offers numerous settings, which change how waves’ velocity and shape.

Beginner (Lessons) 

For a safe and easy place to learn how to surf, you’re in luck. With guaranteed waves and conditions, URBN schedules lessons for all abilities in the pool, starting with beginner sessions.  


The easiest of all the settings, cruiser is exactly that a super mellow pointbreak-style wave, that breaks forgivingly through the pool. Cruiser is the perfect setting, if you’re looking to progress from beginner to Intermediate level. As it allows you to go from standing up for the first time and trimming across unbroken waves. 

Progressive Turns 

The next level up is progressive turns, which again is another point-style wave, but with slightly more juice than the cruiser version. If you’re starting to ride waves and do turn for the first time, this one is for you. 


Intermediate is the next step up, a wave with more power allowing intermediates to try cutbacks and ride waves with slightly more consequence. Even a more advanced rider can have fun in this setting with the right board. 

Advanced Turns 

If you’re an intermediate looking to progress into something more powerful, or an advanced rider wanting to go mad on turns, advanced turns is a super punchy wave, allowing you to try anything. 


Half-advanced turns and half barrels (expert) are a great combination to warm up with a few turns before the settings ramp up for barrels in the later half of the session. 


1 hour of slabbing tubes. Advanced surfers only, looking to work on their barrel technique. Check out my full video of what surfing the “expert” session is like below. 

URBN Surf Facilities 

URBN Surf has heaps of facilities and amenities that make your session easy. Changing rooms, surf hire, shop, wicked restaurant, and even a hot tub. 


URBN Surf boasts an on-site restaurant, where you’ll be able to grab a decent feed, post-surf session. Here, you can find good coffee, a solid breakfast, and even beer for after-evening sessions. 

Water Temps 

In Summer, waters reach a balmy 20-25 degrees Celsius whereas, in winter, temperatures dip down to 9°c. The small body of water means the temperatures change drastically. In summer you can surf the pool in board shorts, but in July/August, you’ll need at least a 4/3mm and boots. 

Videos & Photos 

URBN Surf has a wicked new feature–AI software that films all of your sessions automatically. You can purchase your clips from the “flow state” section of their website. Additionally, when the weather’s great, you can get super high-quality photos (purchase them through the website. 

Final Words 

Undoubtedly, URBN Surf is a wicked surf experience, no matter what your ability. With a setting to accommodate all levels and epic facilities to match, there’s just something for everyone here and if you’re traveling through or visiting Melbourne, I’d highly recommend checking it out. Enjoyed this post? Check out my guide to surfing on Phillip Island or the complete guide to surfing Bells Beach.

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