Surfing Kuta Lombok || Complete Guide 

Kuta Lombok is a rapidly developing and increasingly popular surf destination. It’s the hub of surfing in Lombok comprises local rippers and ex-pats enjoying a small, but lively town with an incredibly diverse selection of waves scattered across its coastline. The place has got a lot to offer for surfers of all abilities and although the crowds are already here in full force, as an Intermediate surfer, there’s nowhere better in the world. Here’s everything you need to know for surfing Kuta Lombok.


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Best Time of Year to Surf Kuta Lombok

Unlike other Indonesian hot spots, such as the Mentawai, Kuta Lombok is unique in that it doesn’t have a “best season”, as such. Instead, some spots work during the dry season, and ones that work in the wet season. The dry season runs between April and October and the Wet season October to April. So what are some of the best surf spots in Kuta Lombok? 

Kuta Lombok Surf Spots 

The Kuta Lombok surf spots are spread out around the surrounding coastline. All the best spots are fairly spread out and require a long moped drive, boat ride or both to access. 


At Geurpuk, there are a few different breaks in the same bay. 

Inside Gerupuk 

Inside is a refined version of the outside wave of the same name. A fun wave that when the swells up, can have fun walls for turns, whereas, on smaller days, it’s a fat easy wave–awesome for beginners and intermediates with a long fat right and shorter left. 

Outside Gerupuk

Outside is the most exposed and therefore consistent surf break in the Gerupuk bay. A right-hand point with a stunning limestone cliff backdrop. It’s pretty fat, but it can have certain sections that wall up and allow advanced surfers to rip into it. Otherwise, as an intermediate, the wave is a sick introduction to point-break-style waves. 

To access the breaks at Gerupuk, you’ll need a boat. Boats are easy to get and the locals have a good system for transporting people out to the surf. Prices can vary depending on the drivers, but typically, it costs around 200k IDR ($ 15 USD) to get out there. 

Are Guling 

Are Guling is a large bay with a left on one side and a right on the other. The right can be a fun punchy wall, while the left is shallower and lesser surfed. 


An exposed outcrop of reef, that brings in any swell running. During the wet season, when swells are smaller and the morning offshores provide the best conditions, this can be the best spot to check. Seger offers both left and right peaks over a coral reef. 

Mawi Surf Lombok


A 45-minute drive from Kuta Lombok (and down one of the bumpiest tracks you’ve ever seen), is Pantai Mawi. An a-frame reef break, with a beautiful coastal backdrop and white sand beach. The wave can be backwashy and fat at high tide, and a little shallow on the lower tide. Generally, it’s a fun wave, with a long left and a shorter punchier right. Great for upper-level Intermediates and advanced surfers. 


Perhaps the best wave in the area, a long left point that gets a bit of swell. Getting to Ekas requires a long boat ride, but make the mission over and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best and longest waves in Kuta Lombok!  

Kuta Lombok Surf Spot Map

Kuta Lombok Surf Spot Map

Where is Kuta Lombok?

Kuta Lombok is located in South Lombok, in the West Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia. 

How to get There?

For getting to Kuta Lombok, you have a few options. If you’re coming from Bali (which you likely are), fly or take the ferry. 

By Plane 

You can find cheap flights (check out Kayak) from Bali to Lombok airport, which puts you close to Kuta. Flights are typically under $100 and the flight time is only 45 minutes. 

By Ferry 

Ferry is another option, which can be cheaper than flying. It costs around $30 to get the ferry from Padang Bai to Bangsal, then you’ll need a 1.5-hour taxi transfer to reach Kuta Lombok, which costs around $ 25 USD.  

For taxi transfers, organize it through your accommodation. I’d recommend doing this and having it arranged beforehand rather than haggling with the drivers at the port. 

Where to Stay?

In a town that’s quickly becoming the next Canggu, you’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation while surfing in Kuta Lombok. You’ve got budget hostels, comfortable privates, villas, and some more luxurious options. 


Mellow Hostel is one of the most affordable places to stay in Kuta Lombok. Right in town, Mellow offers dorm rooms for $8 per night, and you’ll have your own “capsule-style” bed. Oh, and there’s decent wifi and free breakfast included. Check out Mellow Hostel on  

Another excellent budget option in Kuta. Botchan Hostel offers dormitory rooms for $8 per night and includes free breakfast. A great spot to hang out, and meet other surfers/backpackers without breaking the bank. Learn more about Botchan Hostel on 


If you’d rather have a private room, amid a beautiful comfortable setting, check out Village Vibes. I stayed here for the first few nights of my Kuta Lombok trip! Nice pool, clean cool rooms, and an on-site restaurant, you can find a room here with breakfast included for $20 per night. Learn more about Village Vibes Lombok. 

This is where I stayed for the majority of my stay in Kuta Lombok. A sick place to base yourself, with bungalows of all sizes. Budget private starts at $20 per night. You’ll have an en-suite bathroom, great Wi-Fi, and a beautiful pool area (in the shape of a guitar) to relax and chill in between surf sessions. Book Aldi’s Bungalows on  

Kuta Lombok Surf Camp Packages 

If you prefer to book your surf trip as one easy booking (accommodation, transfers, surf coaching, and equipment) all rolled into one, then check out Book Surf Camps. They make it super easy to do this! Check out some of the best surf camp packages in Kuta Lombok below.

Tips for Surfing in Kuta Lombok


Kuta is crowded! At all the spots around Kuta, you’ll be sharing the lineup with dozens of other surfers. Because of the user-friendly nature of most spots in the area, everything is fairly easy to surf which means crowds. I found the crowds to be just as intense here as they were in Bali!


Like anywhere, respect the locals when you surf in Kuta Lombok. Many locals surf well and know and love all the spots around the joint. They are easy to identify as they are always on the best waves. But compared to many top surf destinations, the vibe in Kuta Lombok is super mellow. 


Kuta is much cheaper than Bali. But in town, at the better accommodations, and restaurants, there’ll still be a significant markup! For example, if you’re having breakfast and coffee at the “nicer-looking” places, you’ll still spend between $5 and $10 per meal. 

What’s Kuta Lombok Town Like? 

Kuta town itself is ok. There is a main crossroad from where all the bars, restaurants, cafes, and the deepest concentration of hotels are. This area is alive and busy and a cool place to hang out. Outside of town though, things are pretty run down, and I’ve heard from multiple people, that it’s not safe to drive outside of town at night time. Kuta is growing rapidly and is quickly becoming the next Canggu. 

Non-surfing Activities 

While the reason you come to Kuta Lombok is to enjoy the surf, there’s some other cool stuff to do in Lombok, from diving and snorkeling to climbing the incredible Mount Rinjani.

Final Words 

Without a doubt, Kuta Lombok is a wicked place to check out and if you’re an intermediate looking for easy, but also challenging waves, it’s one of the best surf destinations in the world. There is also a low cost of living, and a variety, of shops, cafes, and restaurants. For more information on surfing in Kuta Lombok, send me a message!! 

Kuta Lombok Surfing FAQs

You can fly from Nugrah Rai Airport, or you can take the ferry from Padang Bai to Bangsal.

On Small days, most spots around Kuta Lombok can be suitable for beginners. However, inside Gerupuk is a great spot to check out. 

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