World’s Easiest Surf Trips (Walk to the Waves) 

Whether you can’t drive or want to cut costs on your next trip, it’s good to have some destinations in mind to rock up and walk out to epic waves from your accommodation. Here are my top picks, for the easiest surf trip destinations.  

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Lakey Peak 

While reaching Lakey Peak is a mission, requiring a domestic flight from Java or Bali. Then a  3-hour taxi ride to Lakey. Once you’re there though, Lakey’s is the perfect easy surf trip! Out front of all accommodations at Lakeys, you have 3 waves. Lakey Peak, a perfect a-frame, Pipe, a heavy left slab and Nungas, a super long left point. All of which are within a few hundred meters and a 10-minute paddle/walk across the lagoon. 


In SW France lies one of Europe’s surfing capitals. An awesome place to be a surfer and during September and October, there are fewer better surf destinations on Earth. You’ll need to hunt for the best banks to truly maximize your wave scoring potential, but stay in La Central you put yourself within walking distance of waves like La Graviere (see photo below), La Sud, and La Nord and you can even paddle across the river to VVF. 

Hossegor Surf

Santa Teresa 

Santa Teresa is one of the easiest surf trips you can do. Were talking countless accommodations directly across the road from a stunning white-sand beach and fun waves. It’s truly the quintessential Costa Rican surf destination. While Santa Teresa isn’t one of the world’s cheapest surf destinations, staying here means you can walk to warm, fun waves, day-in, day-out, Easy surf trip paradise! 


Famous for hosting Snapper Rocks and the Superbank–one of the best waves on Earth during summer cyclone swells. D-bah, just around the corner is one of the most high-performance surf spots in the world, then just down from the Superbank is Kirra, which needs no introduction. Best of all? You can stay in the heart of Coolangatta and walk to all these waves. 


Nicaragua is a wicked surf destination, with everything you need from tropical surf destination, warm water, surf spot variety, and fun breaks for all abilities, oh, and a super low cost of living. Popoyo is the most famous surf town in Nicaragua and this area puts you within walking distance of epic waves. Stay at Playa Guasacate and you’ll be able to walk out front, down the beach to The Peak, Bommie, Beginner Bay, and Playa Santana! Pretty sick, huh?


J-Bay–a wave needing no introduction. Regarded as ground zero for right-hand point breaks around the world and to which all right points are measured. While you can stay right on the point at JBay in a plush rental villa, what many people don’t know is just a block back beachfront from where the world tour contingent stays are several affordable backpacker hostels, which means you can stay just seconds away from one of the best wave on Earth for less than $15 per night. 

Perfect JBAY Surf


Everyone’s favorite surf town! Canngu has everything you could ever want from a surf destination! Warm waters, surf schools, spot variety and so many places to stay it’s insane. While you might need a moped here, there’s nowhere easier in the world where you can hop on your bike, drive two minutes down the road, stay in excellent accommodation, and access several fun waves. Just watch the crowds and the traffic! 

El Paredon 

While El Paredon doesn’t have the world-class waves of its neighboring Central American surf destinations, it’s an easy place to relax and get waves. A tiny town, with a few hostels and tiendas dotted along a series of sandy streets, is all there is to it. Out front is an endless stretch of black sand beach, which can have fun peaks the length of it. There are some excellent hostels in town, and for more information check out my full guide to surfing El Paredon.  

Sri Lanka 

Out of all the places on this list, Sri Lanka takes the cake for easy surf spot access. In all the major surf towns (Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa, and Midigama), you can stay right on the beach and walk to very fun waves. Check out my full guide to Midigama and Arugam Bay

Heavy wave at Supertubos


While a car would be ideal in Peniche. If you stay at Baleal or even in town, you can walk to the waves. I’d suggest Baleal which will give you access to a pretty consistent bay, whereas in town you’ll be closer to Supertubos, which doesn’t always work. Alternatively, check out my friend’s accommodation, Peniche Surf Lodge (although you can’t walk to the waves from here) Duncan and Claire will take you surfing every day and do everything they can to help you score sick waves in Peniche. 


While the world’s longest left isn’t easy to reach (requiring multiple buses and taxis) is an easy surf trip destination. You can stay in town, then walk out to the point (it’s around a 20-minute walk to the top of the first point and a 30-minute walk to the top of the next section called Keys. there are dozens of accommodation options in town suitable for all budgets, with privates available for as little as $20 per night. Check out my full breakdown of surfing in Chicama here. 


Staying in Peru, Lima is another easy one, where you can stay on the cliff tops and walk down to the waves. In the Miraflores area of the city, there are countless accommodation options from budget hostels to luxury villas–a modern metropolis perched on the cliffs. The waves are defined by a series of rock wall jetties, which can have great peaks out the back for advanced surfers and beginner-friendly whitewater on the inside.   

Barra da Tijuca


Florianopolis is regarded as Brazil’s best surf destination, with so many epic beach breaks, it’s ridiculous! A beautiful part of the world and one I couldn’t recommend highly enough, consistent punchy beachies aplenty! I’d recommend staying at Praia Mole (check out Selina Hostel) which positions you perfectly directly across the road from one of the most consistent beach breaks on the island. 

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is an excellent spot if you don’t drive or don’t want to (I wouldn’t recommend it in Rio). Check out Barra da Tijuca, Ipanema, Copacabana, or even out in Saquarema. All of them allow you to walk to the waves. I loved Barra, which is miles a long stretch of punchy beach break, with hollow tubes when conditions align, and long enough that you can even find a bank to yourself! 

Final Words

Not being able to drive, can be limiting on surf trips as many spots require long drives and internal transportation to reach, however, with this list at your beck and call (save and share it for later), you’ve got dozens of epic (walkable) surf trip options. For more info on any of these spots, please comment down below! Yewww!  

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